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Building 2024-2027 STIP

How to Participate

Building the 2024-2027 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, also known as the STIP, launched at the July Oregon Transportation Commission meeting. Now, the OTC seeks your input as it continues working through how to spend more than $2 billion in the STIP.

The OTC is considering the tradeoffs between various ways of dividing limited money between different parts of the transportation system. There are five options that will help advance Oregon's transportation goals and now is your chance to inform the OTC on which one you prefer before it selects the final one in December.

You have a number of ways to learn more and weigh in.

Visit our online open house

To learn more about the options under consideration and weigh in on which one you think best meets Oregon's transportation needs, visit the STIP online open house before it closes on November 16.

STIP webinar public comment session

ODOT hosted a STIP webinar and public comment session on Monday, November 2. The webinar is available to watch, using the following link and password.

Play STIP Webinar. Password: 110220STIPwebinar

For best results, click the down arrow to download the presentation onto your machine once you've entered the password.

In addition, the public comments that we received will be provided to the OTC.

Submit a letter or comment

You can submit a letter or comment directly to the OTC through the commission's online web form.

To learn more about the STIP, watch the STIP Basics Video.

The Oregon Transportation Commission will allocate funding among categories in the 2024-2027 STIP.

STIP Development Webinar

In August 2020, the Oregon Department of Transportation hosted a webinar for the advisory committee members on the development of the STIP, including funding categories and the process and timeline for developing the STIP.

Selecting Fix-It Projects

The Fix-It programs fund projects that fix or preserve the state’s transportation system, including bridges, pavement, culverts, traffic signals, and others. It's the largest category in the STIP, and Oregon Department of Transportation uses data about the conditions of assets to choose the highest priority projects.

Watch this video explaining the Fix-It Program and check out the Fix-It infographic.

STIP updates are provided at the Oregon Transportation Commission meetings.

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