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Building 2024-2027 STIP

It’s Time to Comment on the Proposed Projects in the 2024-2027 STIP 

It’s time to comment on the list of upcoming transportation projects that make up the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. In particular, we want the public’s feedback on two primary issues: 
  • Which of the proposed projects do you support, and which projects do you have concerns about? 
  • Would any of the proposed projects have possible impacts that we should work to address? 

How to Provide Public Comment 

You can provide comment on projects in the STIP in a variety of ways. 
  1. Visit our online open house at Oregon Draft Statewide Transportation Improvements Program. It will be open until April 28.
  2. Attend one of our in-person public comment sessions. See the list for details
  3. Attend one of our virtual public comment sessions, either on April 6, from 6-7 p.m. or on April 13 from 2-3 pm. Meeting links provided below under “Public Comment Sessions.’ 
  4. Send us an e-mail at

Public comment will close on April 28. We will use comments as we consider adjusting the projects in the STIP and as we begin designing projects. All comments will be included in the public comment record that goes to the OTC before they approve the final STIP in July. 

Visit our Online Open House

The online open house provides background on the STIP, shows the proposed projects across the state, provides details about major projects, and allows visitors to provide comments on specific projects. The online open house is available from March 9 to April 28 at Oregon Draft Statewide Transportation Improvements Program.

Virtual Public Comment Sessions

We’ll host two virtual public comment sessions. The first one is on April 6 from 6-7 p.m. Join the Microsoft teams meeting, and the second one is on April 13 from 2-3 p.m. Join the Microsoft teams meeting. Each participant can provide up to three minutes of public comment.

In-Person Public Comment Sessions

See the full list of meetings to be held around the state.

project selection

About the STIP

The Oregon Transportation Commission is in the final steps of identifying where to spend more than $3 billion to preserve and improve the state's transportation system. 

Every three years, the commission puts together the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, also known as the STIP, that lays out where we will invest federal and state money in the transportation system - everything from roads and bridges to public transportation to bike paths and sidewalks. Along with the commission, we develop the STIP with a wide variety of participants, including cities, counties, many other partners and the public.  

This STIP looks all the way out to funding projects in 2024 through 2027. The commission started developing the STIP in 2020 by deciding how to allocate state and federal funding among different areas, like bridge and pavement preservation, expanding roads and interchanges, public and active transportation, and local government programs. We’ve spent the last two years selecting the most critical projects and now have a draft list of proposed investments to present for public comment.

What Does this STIP Invest In?

The 2024-2027 STIP invests more than $3.3 billion in total state and federal resources in preserving and improving Oregon’s transportation system. This is more than past STIPs thanks to significant increases in funding from the 2021 federal infrastructure bill and state funding approved in 2017. 

The STIP includes:
  • A major investment in repairing and replacing deteriorating bridges. 
  • A significant increase for public and active transportation to help people get around. 
  • Increased funding for projects that improve safety on state highways and local roads.
  • More money for local governments to invest in their priorities.
  • A major investment in ADA curb ramps to help people with disabilities get around.
  • For the first time, the ODOT construction projects in the STIP were evaluated for their greenhouse gas emissions.

STIP updates are provided at the Oregon Transportation Commission meetings.