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Building 2024-2027 STIP

The Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) is identifying where to spend more than $2 billion to preserve and improve the state's transportation system. Every three years, the OTC puts together the Statewide Transportation Program (STIP) that lays out where we will invest federal and state money in the transportation system - everything from roads and bridges to public transportation to bike paths and sidewalks. The OTC and ODOT develop the STIP with a wide variety of participants, including cities, counties, many other partners and the public.  This STIP looks all the way out to funding projects in 2024 through 2027.

OTC divides up $2 billion in transportation funding

In December, the Oregon Transportation Commission approved a plan to invest more than $2.2 billion in different types of transportation projects through the 2024-2027 STIP. The Commission invested record amounts in public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle programs while also providing funding to improve safety and preserve road and bridges. For more details see our STIP update.

OTC makes major investments in public and active transportation

In January, the OTC approved details of how to spend $255 million in funding for bicycle, pedestrian and transit programs - a record level and an increase of nearly $100 million over the last STIP. For details on where this funding will go, check out our STIP update.

The commission approved $55 million for strategic pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements as part of this investment. 

Selecting Fix-It Projects

The Fix-It programs fund projects that fix or preserve the state’s transportation system, including bridges, pavement, culverts, traffic signals, and others. It's the largest category in the STIP, and ODOT uses data about the conditions of assets to choose the highest priority projects. For more details see our STIP update.

Watch this video explaining the Fix-It Program and check out the Fix-It infographic.

OTC approves program to address congestion and freight mobility

The Oregon Transportation Commission approved an Enhance Highway Discretionary Program that will address congestion and freight mobility issues on state highways that can impact the state's trade-based economy. The Commission set aside $65 million for a variety of types of project that improve how highways operate - from auxiliary lanes and passing lanes, to truck climbing lanes and freight improvements, to intelligent transportation systems and other technology.

For more details about the Enhance Highway Discretionary Program, review our STIP email update or the program outline approved by the OTC

STIP updates are provided at the Oregon Transportation Commission meetings.