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Resources for Local Government Road Condition Reporting

Use the resources below to find out which roads your agency should inspect, how to determine road conditions and to learn more about related requirements. 

Identify Which Roads to Inspect 

  • Every agency must submit a report, even if you have zero paved federal-aid road miles! If you have no paved federal-aid road miles to report, you will enter zero miles in each of the condition categories and check a box confirming that you submitted your Certified Public Road Mileage.
  • Your agency will report on paved federal-aid roads that you own. Paved federal-aid roads are shown in red for county roads and blue for city roads on this interactive map. Be sure to coordinate with neighboring cities and counties to confirm ownership of any roads in question. The roads shapefile from the interactive map is available as a ZIP file download and can be used with GIS applications.
  • See “Other ODOT Road Reporting Requirements” below to ensure you’ve got all the requirements covered.
  • Contact our Transparency Team if you need help.

Determine Road Condition

Cracked pavementUse this helpful guide or short video to help you gather the necessary information. 

Other ODOT Road Reporting Requirements 

  • In addition to submitting condition information for paved federal-aid roads as described above every two years, local governments are also required to submit a report of the total number of public road miles they own each year. Visit Required Infrastructure Reporting for Cities and Counties to learn more about the certified pubilc road mileage report and the local agency infrastructure condition report. 
  • If you want to change the federal-aid eligibility or functional classifications of any of your roadways, visit Federal Functional Classification for more information.