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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Toolkit

The Greenhouse Gas, or GHG, Emissions Reduction Toolkit is a collection of strategy reports and case studies designed to help local jurisdictions identify and explore the kinds of actions and programs they can undertake to reduce vehicle emissions. Additionally, they are designed to meet other community goals, such as spur economic development, increase biking and walking, support downtowns, create healthy livable communities and more.

Strategy Reports

Each strategy report describes an action, program or policy which can be implemented by a jurisdiction. The reports give an overview of:

  • What each strategy is.
  • How it can benefit a community.
  • How costly it is to implement.
  • Examples of where it has been used.

The case studies in the GHG Toolkit explores the strategies more deeply and show on the ground examples within Oregon where they have been used.

Browse Strategy Reports and Case Studies by Category

Emphasize Cost Effectiveness

Emphasize Early Results

These are strategies which have a relatively quick implementation timeline compared to other strategies. These strategies take 1-2 years for implementation and results can be seen within 3 to 10 years.

Support Downtowns and Mixed Use Areas

Spur Economic Development

Create Complete Streets

Increase Walking and Bicycling

Manage Parking

Create a Healthy, Livable Community

Strategies for Small Cities