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ODOT’s Community Charging Rebates Program

The Application Period Is Open

Applications for the Community Charging Rebates program can be submitted now. The application period will close October 13th, 2023 5:00pm PDT or once funds are fully allocated.

The non-priority funding is currently fully reserved, priority funding is still available.

Click here to begin your application!

The Community Charging Rebates program is part of ODOT’s $100 million commitment to accelerate the deployment of EV charging along major roads and within Oregon communities over the next five years. 

Program Overview

The Community Charging Rebates program will:


Target EV charging in communities throughout Oregon.
Up to $7 million to support the installation of Level 2 charging stations at strategic locations, particularly public parking sites and multi-family housing.


Reimburse public and private investments through rebates.
$4,250 - $5,500 per Level 2 charging port, up to 75% of eligible costs.


Release funding in rounds over multiple years.
First round to launch in June 2023.

Center Equity
70% of funds are reserved for projects in disadvantaged and rural communities. ODOT partnered with nonprofit Forth to provide education, outreach and technical assistance to increase awareness and reduce barriers to access. 

Available Funding

Last updated: 9/20/2023 

Last updated: 9/20/2023 

Picture1.pngFunding will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis within two categories: priority and non-priority communities. A minimum of 70% of funding will be invested in projects within rural and disadvantaged communities (DACs).  

Rebates can be awarded to applicants after eligible charging equipment is installed, or applicants can reserve funding through ODOT’s pre-installation application process. In both instances, funds are reserved once applications are verified for eligibility and completeness. Successful applicants will be notified.  

After the program launches, ODOT will update this webpage regularly with the remaining funding available in each category (priority and non-priority).  

Priority Communities
Seventy percent (70%) of rebate funds are reserved for projects located within priority communities, defined as disadvantaged and rural communities. ODOT is using its statewide equity map to determine disadvantaged communities and the Office of Rural Health’s designation as non-urban to determine rural communities. The remaining funding (30%) is for projects located anywhere in the state of Oregon. Once either category of funding is fully allocated, that category will be closed to new applications until the next funding round. 

The searchable Priority Type Locator map indicates if a prospective project is in a priority location. Click on the image below to access the map. 

Rebate Levels

Rebate levels vary based on the project site:

Project Site Type
Charger Type Maximum Rebate per Port
(Min. 2 ports/site)
Publicly accessible parking
Level 2
$4,250, up to 75% of eligible project costs*
Multi-family housing
Level 2
$5,500, up to 75% of eligible project costs*
Multi-family housing
Level 1
    *Final rebate amounts are calculated based on total project costs and will vary based on project details.

ODOT encourages applicants to combine rebates with federal, state, or local agency/utility incentives to further offset the cost of charging equipment purchase and installation.

Technical Assistance

ODOT understands that not all organizations have the expertise, time or resources to plan an EV charging project or apply for funding. That is why ODOT has contracted with Forth to provide technical assistance and support to applicants on their journey to installing EV charging. Whether you need basic information about installing and maintaining EV charging stations or assistance with submitting a rebate application – Forth is here to help!

Some examples of technical assistance provided include:
  • Answering questions about the rebate 
  • Assisting applicants with filling out and submitting a rebate application
  • Providing high-level information about installing, maintaining and operating eligible Level 2 and Level 1 charging infrastructure
  • Providing high-level guidance regarding EV chargers that follow ODOT’s minimum standards and requirements
  • Providing information about other resources related to Applicant’s project, such as the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program or Clean Fuels Program
For more information or to get started:

Application Process – Two Pathways

Applicants have two options when applying for a rebate under this program:

  1. Applicants may apply prior to installing EV chargers and reserve funding, pending verification of a pre-installation application. Under this pathway, applicants have 270 days to install EV chargers once funding has been reserved.
  2. Applicants may install EV chargers at an eligible site and apply for the rebate within 90 days of installation.  
Once the program launches in June of 2023, applicants will be able to apply online from this webpage. Costs incurred prior to program launch will not be reimbursed. Depending on which application path is chosen, there are a number of document requirements that must accompany the online application. For more information on required documents and the application process, see additional resources below.