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Training & Webinars

Workday Learning Courses

Below you'll find a list of upcoming classes and webinars offered on Bentley engineering applications.

Bentley Learn Server - Find Training (recorded with datasets), Live Training (webcasts), and User Groups.

Webinars by EAST

The Engineering Applications Support Team hosts a one-hour webinar almost every week with the Engineering Tips series. The topic and presenter vary from session to session. Engineering Tips is advertised solely via email.
ODOT employees with MicroStation installed are automatically in the email distribution list. Contact the Engineering Applications Support Team to be added to the email list for notification of upcoming webinars. Emails for the current week's topic will have a subject line: Engineering Tips - topic, and will include a link to join a Teams meeting.

Online Videos

MicroStation CONNECT and V8i Video Training Tutorials are available from the State Library of Oregon using the O'Reilly online service. 
  1. Request an O'Reilly account from the State Library - Registration
  2. Fill out the four question form. Provide:
  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Your ODOT email address
  • Select Department of Transportation from the agency list
      3. Submit the form. The State Library and O'Reilly will setup your account.
Help is available for the O'Reilly registration if you have questions.

After you are notified that account registration is completed, you can watch these tutorials:

The tutorials are free for state employees and you can watch from anywhere including from your own smartphone or home computer. Consultants with an O'Reilly account may also use these training links.


Webinars, videos and PDFs about MicroStation V8i SS4 and InRoads V8i SS2 are available on these other pages: