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Engineering Archives

The engineering archive is intended to be a permanent repository of engineering data.  Data is not limited to MicroStation design files, but may include narratives, tab sheets, reports, and design notes.
Prior to archiving DGN files, use the Fix Range, Verify, and Verify/Repair tools found on the ODOT Tasks under General | Tools.  Then compress and check the file visually.

ODOT Archive Submittal

To submit files to the archive, send an email message to the ODOT Engineering Archives using this pre-addressed email template. You will receive a reply when the job is completed.

In the body of the message, please include information shown in the ODOT project information table.

Consultant Archive Submittal

To submit files to the archive, use the ODOT MOVEit DMZ File Transfer System.  This email template may be used to copy information into a MOVEit email.  You will receive a reply when the job is completed.

In the body of the message, please include information shown in the consultant project information table.

Retrieving Files From the Engineering Archive

Archive requests submitted after 2000 are located in the \\scdata\ENG_ARC\Post2000 folder.  If you need Pre-2000 files, contact an EAST member or call the Computer Support Desk for assistance.

The Post-2000 subfolders structure is:

Post200:COUNTY:KEY NUMBER:PHASE:DATE is the folder structure
Example folder structure:  \\scdata\ENG_ARC\Post2000\Deschutes\12345\Contract_Plans\20101231\Your_Project_Data.

If you know the county and project key number you can normally navigate to the folder.  Projects that span multiple counties are archived in a single county.  You will find shortcuts to these projects in the county folders.

In cases where there is no key number, the KEY NUMBER folder will be replaced with a folder name made up of a BR#####_Name, or HWY##_MP##_ProjectName.


Highway Name

The project information Highway Name refers to the name used on the Oregon State Highway System.  The Cross Reference Table of Highway Route Number to State Highway Number lists the highway names, routes and numbers.  The State Highway System map shows highway and route numbers for the entire state and also the Portland Area Enlargement.


Custom Subcategories

Any custom subcategory folder (below the dated folder) can be added to fit your needs.  The subcategories can be plan phases like, DAP, Preliminary, Final, Revision, or Addenda.  For example, to archive a revision subcategory, create a "Revision" folder and put your files in that folder.  In your archive request set FILE_NAMES= Revision and that folder and its contents will be archived.

Need Help?

Have questions about filling out a template, submitting archival data, or finding a file? Contact an EAST member:

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