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Bentley License Optimization Effort is Coming to Completion
The Bentley License Optimization Effort to reduce software licensing costs is continuing with the deployment of the less costly OpenSite Designer. OpenSite Designer will replace installations of OpenRoads Designer on computers where corridor modeling is not performed. MicroStation CONNECT will be removed from computers that have either OpenRoads Designer or OpenSite Designer installed. This final optimization effort will result in engineering computers that have only one Bentley CONNECT Edition CADD software installed. Power InRoads V8i SS2 will not be changed as part of this effort. Deployment is planned for March 20, 2023.

OpenSite Designer and OpenRoads Designer use different civil schemas in DGN files. A DGN file that has been edited with OpenRoads Designer cannot be opened for editing with OpenSite Designer without being aligned to OpenSite Designer first. A tool to align DGN data will be provided with OpenSite Designer. There is more information and instructions in "Align DGN Data for OpenSite Designer Editing".

Updates to the ODOT ProjectWise User Manual

New information about ProjectWise folder usage and document names for civil data, design & survey deliverables and plans production has been updated in Chapter 4 of the ODOT ProjectWise User Manual. The name has also changed - so if you are looking with your eyes - look for ODOT_PW_Explorer_User_Manual.docx in the Standards>PW_Standards folder.

Roadway Adds ProjectWise Names for Design Deliverables

On November 23, 2022, ProjectWise document names for the Roadway discipline were changed. The name changes affect the Roadway and 6_Civil_Data folders in the PW_ODOT_PROD datasource in ProjectWise. The purpose of the changes is to support the use of container files for delivering design information to the project delivery and plans production processes. 

Read the information about "Roadway ProjectWise Name Changes"  that was sent in a recent email from the Automation Engineer, Gary Holeman.
Plans Production Swim Lanes
Bentley Activation Status Dialogs
Bentley Activation Status pop ups are historical.  They are merely informing you that in the recent past, the Bentley server was not reachable when it was checking your license. Any network interruption can cause this message to pop up the next day. You may cancel or close the dialogs without attempting to activate.
Activation Status Dialog
If this message reoccurs and counts down, for example it states 6 or 5 days, there may be a more pervasive network issue that needs to be addressed. Please contact if the number of days start counting down, otherwise, just clicking [Close] should be enough.


Business Process and Workflow Development for Bentley CONNECT Software

ODOT completed its upgrade of the CAD System software from V8i to CONNECT Edition in June 2021. Work is ongoing in the development of processes and workflows that take advantage of functionalities provided by the CONNECT Edition software.


Engineering Tips Webinar

The Engineering Applications Support Team hosts a weekly webinar on Engineering Tips.  Topics will include different versions of engineering software and operating systems that ODOT currently uses or will use in the future, as well as workflows.

We will send out emails with a subject line beginning with Engineering Tips to the Engineering Users MicroStation email distribution list. Please feel free to submit suggestions for topics, too, by emailing with a subject line of Engineering Tips Topics.


2022 City/County PDFs for Vicinity Maps

City and County PDFs for 2022 that contain the layers needed to adjust the project location map are stored in Atlas_CAD_2022, for ODOT users only. Sub-folders with "Reduced" in the name contain smaller file-size maps with the same content which may be easier to use.


Contract Plans Manual

The CAD Manual, the overarching reference document for CAD standards is found on the Drafting and Contract Plans Program web page. Manuals for other disciplines and the Roadway CAD Manual are also available on the same page.
The older Contract Plans Development Guide may be found on ODOT's Engineering website.