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Engineering Software

The Engineering Applications Support Team is the primary support contact for the following applications. If you need help with any of these programs, contact EAST or the Computer Support Desk at (503) 986-3800.

To request the installation of any of these programs, please visit our Engineering Installations web page.

Engineering Overlay

  • MicroStation V8i SS4 (Bentley Systems, Inc.) - ODOT's primary CAD application.
  • InRoads V8i SS2 (Bentley Systems, Inc.) - ODOT's primary roadway design application and includes modules for InRoads, Survey, and Storm & Sanitary. InRoads runs on the MicroStation platform.
  • Descartes (Bentley Systems, Inc.) - a CAD raster program that runs on the MicroStation platform.
  • AutoTURN (Transoft Solutions) - puts you firmly in control of analyzing and evaluating vehicle maneuvers for projects such as intersections, roundabouts, bus terminals, loading bays or any on or off-street projects that may involve access, clearance, and maneuverability checks. AutoTURN runs on the MicroStation platform.
  • GuidSIGN (Transoft Solutions) - automates the design of highway and roadway signs. GuidSIGN runs on the MicroStation platform.
  • MathcadPrime (by PTC) - used to perform, document, and share calculation and design work. Mathcad has a visual format and scratchpad interface which integrate standard mathematical notation, text, and graphs in a single worksheet.
  • Serval (by EAST/ODOT) - allows you to connect to another user's engineering personal server share (F:\ODOT_DATA\Projects), or to their PC share folder, without knowing which server they're on, or the computer name.

Software Center

  • CONNECTION Client (Bentley Systems, Inc) - software used to license Bentley CONNECT products.
  • Bentley View CONNECT (Bentley systems, Inc) - software used to review CAD files.
  • MicroStation CONNECT Edition (Bentley Systems, Inc) - Upgrade Project currently underway.
  • OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition (Bentley Systems, Inc) - Upgrade Project currently underway.

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