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Engineering Installations

Any ODOT employee may complete the steps below to have engineering software installed and be able to run MicroStation. A manager must request approval from the Engineering Automation Steering Committee to install the engineering applications listed below.

Step 1: Request Approval for Installation of Engineering Applications

     Fill out and send the email to request below for approval to install:
     MicroStation V8i SS4, InRoads V8i SS2, Descartes, MathCAD, gINT,
     gINT Civil Tools, MicroStation CONNECT, and OpenRoads Designer.
     If an employee is filling this out for a manager, move the Engineering
     Automation Steering Committee address to the CC: list and enter your
     manager's email in the To: list - make sure you ask your manager to use
     Reply All to approve the request.
     Approval from the Automation Engineer will be forwarded to ODOT Computer
     Support to schedule a Field Services Unit Technician to perform the software

Step 2: Register the Bentley CONNECTION Client

     Prior to using any CONNECT version of Bentley software, such as MicroStation
     CONNECT or ProjectWise CONNECT, you will need to set up the CONNECTION
     Client. When you see the Bentley CONNECTION Client pop up, enter your ODOT
     email address and your Bentley password. Follow these instructions to register.

Need Help?

Contact an EAST member if you have questions about filling out these requests. 

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