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ORS 366.215 Records

About the Statute

​Oregon law prohibits permanent reductions in vehicle carrying capacity on an identified freight route based on ORS 366.215 — Reduction of Vehicle Carrying Capacity.

Exceptions are allowed if safety or access considerations require the reduction. An exception may be granted by the Oregon Transportation Commission if it is in the best interest of the state and freight movement is not unreasonably impeded.

Examples of features that may reduce the vehicle carrying capacity of a highway are:

  • Raised pedestrian islands.
  • Bulb-outs.
  • New sign or signal structures over the roadway.
  • Raised medians/curbs and traffic separators.

Supporting Guidance

These documents provide clarification of the statute and outline the process for review of proposed design concepts.

Guidance for Implementation of ORS 366.215

OAR 731-012-0010 — Reduction of Vehicle Carrying Capacity​

Reduction Review Route Maps

Other Supporting Documents