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Employee Directory

OEM Management
OEM Director McMahon, Erin 503-378-3933
Advisor to the Director Garrett, Matt 971-283-4258 
OEM Deputy Director Winningham, Patence 503-378-3434
CIO / Logistics and IT Manager Clem, Tony 503-569-2582
CFO / Finance Division Director Flowers, Jeff
911 Program Manager Kuchta, Frank 503-378-4620 
Response Section Manager Naile, Traci 503-378-4025 
Recovery Section Manager Slevin, Julie 503-378-2235 
Mitigation Section Manager Richardson. Stephen J 503-378-3316 
Preparedness Section Manager Mayfield, Alaina 503-378-3233 
Regional Manager (P&R) Mathis, Amanda 503-378-2201 
Interagency Strategic Recovery Program Manager Jepson, Shawna 503-378-2210

OEM Employees
Askren, Aaron Program Support & Compliance  503-378-2260
Auch, GT P&R Regional Coordinator 971-718-2070
Bellshaw, Tammi Office Specialist (PA) 503-934-3285
Beym, Sophi Tribal Liaison 503-378-2127
Blue, Maegan PA Program Representative 503-559-0518
Briggs, Charly Admininstrative Assistant (Finance) 503-378-2808
Broughton, Lorilei Chief Audit Executive 503-934-3315
Bruno, Rick Controller / Accountant 503-934-3256
Bryers, Shannon Mitigation Program Representative 503-934-0899
Burrow, Kristine Accountant 503-378-3256
Carrillo, Traci Grants Assistant 503-378-3514
Chen, Yu Accountant 503-378-3734
Conner, Tawni Accountant 503-378-3230
Crabb, Chris Public Affairs Officer, Content Strategist 503-378-2236
Craigmiles, Kelly Jo ECC and EMPG Coordinator 503-378-2865
Crop, Mike Mitigation Program Representative 503-378-4674
Dalrymple, Josh Operations Program Manager 971-673-8898
Daniel, Kail Procurement and Contract Specialist 503-934-3297
Daugherty, Tabetha Regional Coordinator 503-508-2404
Davis, Elijah
State Training Officer 503-934-3320
Dermody, Chris PA Program Representative 971-433-9319
DeWittie, Audrey M&R Regional Coordinator 971-718-2102
Drill, Jamee Accountant 503-378-2999
Elizarrga, Emanuel Evaluation and Assements Analyst 503-983-3749
Fattor, Hannah Risk MAP Coordinator 971-718-2106
Feigum, Anna State Hazard Mitigation Officer 503-934-3307
Foley, Rachel Administrative Assistant (Mitigation) 503-934-3289
Fox, Amanda State Recovery Functions Coordinator 503-934-3304
Fox, Natasha IDEA Coordinator 503-378-2208
Freedman, Ryan PA Special Projects Coordinator 503-934-3292
Gately, Jason Mitigation Program Representative 503-934-3305
Glenn, Zachary Exercise Specialist 503-934-3251
Good, Bridget Executive Assistant 503-934-3309
Gwin, Dan State Public Assistance Officer 503-378-3254
Hamar, Randy Graphics Designer 503-983-4774
Hanson, Nicole L Accountant 503-378-3849
Hoffman, Ricky M&R Regional Coordinator 971-719-6540 
Jeffries, Kevin Grants Coordinator 503-378-3661
Jenkins, Tom P&R Regional Coordinator 971-600-5918
Jimenez, Doug Emergency Communications Officer 503-378-3255
Jung, Jin Accountant 503-378-3552
Ketchersid, Kris Network Administrator 503-378-4677
Larimer, Jill N Grant Accountant 503-378-3931
Layng, Karen Training Specialist 503-378-3231
Lemoss, Abigail Grant Accountant 971-719-0857
Lessey, Cam PA Program Representative 503-934-3296
Lessey, Lilli PA Program Representative 503-934-3293
Longanecker, Brittany 9-1-1 Office Specialist 503-934-3300
Lucas, Scott Search and Rescue Coordinator 503-378-3338
Lustig, Pat 9-1-1 Program Operations Team Lead 503-378-3433
MacConnell, Annette PA Program Representative 503-934-3298
Mayer, Janine Mitigation Program Representative 503-378-3275
McAllister, Bobbi Strategic Planner 503-934-3316
McCormick, Sonya Public Private Partnership 971-301-3148
Meser, Charles PA Program Representative 503-378-3160
Murray, Cira Director's Executive Assistant 503-378-4578
Murray, Joseph Planner 503-378-3929
Pardo, Patrick Logistics Coordinator 503-934-0049
Peetz, Curtis Response Planner 503-378-3252
Peterson, Jordan Administrative Assistant 503-934-3284
Petzold, Alex 911 GIS Analyst 503-934-3286
Pflugrad, Stephanie M&R Regional Coordinator 971-718-2035
Pope, Pat
IT Team Lead 503-378-4276
Puls, Sarah Emergency Management Planner 503-934-3282
Quinn, Robert Exercise Officer 503-934-3283
Reeves, Garrett M&R Regional Coordinator 503-302-8971
Rhodes, Bryan Mitigation Program Representative 503-871-8689
Rizzo, Althea GeoHazards Program Coordinator 503-378-3936
Roberts, Nic Mitigation Program Representative 503-934-3301
Rousseau, Tanner 911 Program Analyst 503-934-3281
Sebens, Carole L Grants Coordinator 503-934-3291
Sigleer, Robbie Project Portfolio Manager 503-934-3280
Stark, Jeanie Administrative Assistant (911) 503-378-4675
Stella, Zachary M Website Coordinator 503-378-3930
Stewart, Whitney R.  Logistics & Staging Base Program Manager 971-719-0977
Stinson, Craig PA Program Representative 503-934-3302
Stoelb, Daniel GIS Program Coordinator 503-378-3234
Thompson, Kayla Community Preparedness Coordinator 503-983-5633
Tipsword, Brian Systems Analyst 503-378-2251
Todd, Stacey Regional Coordinator 971-719-6541
Warren, Arrianna Grants Assistant 971-719-0648
Warren, Michael 9-1-1 Technical Services Coordinator 503-378-2255
West, Morgan Regional Coordinator 503-580-6874
Wiebe, Jon Mitigation Program Representative 503-934-3255 
Willett, Andie Mitigation Program Representative 971-719-6539
Winstead, David Fiscal Analyst 503-934-3310 
Wixom, Debra Executive Assistant 503-934-3299
Wold, Juliana GIS Data Analyst 503-934-3288
Ziesemer, Ross Mitigation Program Representative 503-934-3254

FEMA Intergration Team
Jahier, Andrew FEMA (FIT) TBD
Marquis, Justin FEMA (FIT) TBD

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