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Guide for Public Officials

Guide for Public Officials

This guide has been approved by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission pursuant to ORS 244.320.  ORS 244.320 requires this publication to explain in understandable terms the requirements of Oregon Government Ethics law and the Oregon Government Ethics Commission’s interpretation of those requirements.  Toward that end, statutes and rules have been summarized and paraphrased in this guide.  Therefore, the discussion in this guide should not be used as a substitute for a review of the specific statutes and rules.
Any public official, business or any person shall not be liable under ORS Chapter 244 for any action or transaction carried out in accordance with Commission opinions set forth in this guide.  “In accordance with” the opinions means that the fact circumstances of any action or transaction for which any public official, business or person shall not be liable must be the same fact circumstances for an action or transaction described in this guide as the basis for an opinion in this guide.
There may be other laws or regulations not within the jurisdiction of the Commission that apply to actions or transactions described in this guide.

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Please NOTE:  This is the new & updated version of the Guide for Public Officials - as of April 30, 2021.

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