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Government Ethics Laws and Rules

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission's jurisdiction covers Oregon Government Ethics law, Lobby Regulation law and the Executive Session provisions of Public Meetings law.  The sections below provide additional information regarding those areas.


ORS Chapter 244


Oregon Procedural Rules: Guidelines on Sanctions

The Commission has a variety of sanctions available after making a finding that a violation occurred.  Sanctions range from letters of reprimand to civil penalties and forfeitures.  

Guidelines on Sanctions: 



Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 199

The purpose of the rules adopted by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission is to provide guidance in the understanding of the provisions under the Commissions jurisdiction.


Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) Chapter 199:



ORS 171.725 - 171.785; 171.992: Lobbying Regulation law 

Oregon Lobby law requires most lobbyists to register and file quarterly reports of their expenditures. In addition, the organizations  represented by the lobbyists, referred to as "Client/Employers", must also file quarterly reports disclosing expenditures.
Oregon Lobby law found in ORS Chapter 171:

  • Defines "Lobbying"
  • Requires lobbyists to register
  • Requires lobbyist and the entities they represent to file quarterly expenditure reports
  • Determines when quarterly expenditure reports are due
  • Specifies prohibited conduct, such as contingency lobbying


ORS Chapter 192.660 and 192.685: Executive Session provisions of Oregon Public Meetings Law

The Commission has jurisdiction over the Executive Session provisions of Oregon Public Meetings law.  These provisions cover the reasons and requirements for a governing/public body to enter into an Executive Session.


Additional Reference

Use the link below to access the most current version of the Attorney General's Public Records and Meetings Manual issued by the Oregon Department of Justice.

Attorney General's Public Records and Meetings Information & Manual


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