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Housing Data & Analysis

​HB 3040 was passed in 2021 and directed OHCS to study and draft a report on System Development Charges. The report studies SDC’s and their role in housing costs throughout the state, provides a comprehensive history of SDC charges across the county, and looks at methodologies throughout the state. This report is due in December 2022 to the legislature. ​

 Oregon SDC Study 12-14-22 Final Report

 Oregon SDC Study 10-18-22 Webinar Slides

 Oregon SDC Study 10-18-22 Webinar Video​

 Oregon SDC Study Public Review Draft

 Draft Feedback Form

Interactive Tableau Dashboards display project data funded with: 
  • LIFT Multifamily Program
  • General Housing Account Program (GHAP)
  • 4% LIHTC Program
  • 9% LIHTC Program
  • Other Funding Programs
  • OHCS Active Property Portfolio

OnTheMap Overview: 
OnTheMap is an online mapping and reporting application located at​ that shows where people work and where workers live. OnTheMap was developed through a unique partnership between the U.S. Census Bureau and its Local Employment Dynamics (LED) partner states.
OnTheMap provides an easy-to-use interface for creating, viewing, printing, and downloading workforce related maps, profiles, and underlying data. An interactive map viewer displays workplace and residential distributions by user defined geographies at census block level detail. The application also provides companion reports on worker and firm characteristics, the comparisons of employment and residential areas, worker flows, and commuting patterns. In OnTheMap, statistics can be generated for specific segments of the workforce, including ages, earnings, or industry groupings.
OnTheMap Highlights

Comprehensive Coverage – Census block-level coverage for home and work areas in 50 partner states/territories with consecutive years of data from 2002 to 2011. Available characteristics include worker age, earnings, industry sector, worker race, worker ethnicity, worker educational attainment, worker sex, firm age and firm size.

Powerful Analysis Tools – Six different analysis types are available for users to analyze, compare, and summarize a vast amount of labor force data for user-defined or Census-standard areas. Results are presented through interactive maps, charts, and reports.

Versatile Outputs – Results can be exported to a report (PDF, HTML, XLS), to a map (KML or Shapefile), or to other forms (PNG images or composite PDF). Users can also save their analysis settings for future use in OnTheMap.

Regional Employment Information

Around the State (ATS) is our weekly tip-sheet that summarizes major employment-related news in Oregon. Our staff gathers these items from local newspapers and other non-confidential published sources. Use the search form to create a custom report of employment-related articles by any or all of the listed categories, or link to weekly Around the State publications.​

Data Source: Oregon Employment Dept.​​

Regional Housing Analysis House Bill 2003, Section 1 and 2

In 2019, the Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2003 to provide the necessary steps toward helping our state reach its housing supply needs as envisioned by our land use system, while providing local jurisdictions the resources they need to accommodate future growth.

LEARN MORE: ​Regional Housing Analysis Materials

​The Rural Definition is a list of cities and counties for the applicants to know if their property is eligible for a rural set-aside, and what category to select when completing their Oregon Centralized Application.​

OHCS Rural or Urban Status map 

​The properties in this inventory come from the following agencies and organizations: Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS), HUD, USDA, Metro, all 20 of Oregon's Housing Authorities, and many county and city governments. This is meant to be a comprehensive inventory of all affordable rental housing with income or rent restrictions in the state and every effort has been made to delete duplicates. 

Oregon Affordable Housing Inventory 2022.xlsb

Housing Data and Analysis


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