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Funding Opportunities

The Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) applications offer limited loan, grant and tax credit funds. OHCS awards these funds through an annual competitive allocation process. Other Housing Development funds are available on a first come, first served basis. These funds include a variety of loan programs as well as agriculture workforce housing tax credits.

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Funding Opportunities


 Combined Pool Ap​plication #2022-6​

for Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credit (OAHTC),
Preservation of Manufactured Dwelling Park (PMDP) and
Affordable Rental Housing Portfolio Preservation Pool

​All Pre-Applications must include a Site Review Checklist.​ See Open NOFAs for application criteria, instructions and due dates.

 Site​ Review Checklist​

 Real Estate Holdings Schedule
Please note: 9% LIHTC NOFA pre-application will require the submission of a Site Review Checklist and ​Real Estate Schedule of Holdings.​​

 OHCS List of Fees and Charges​​​

 MWESB Compliance Manual​​

  Federally Declared Disaster Areas​

Market Cost Offset Fund (MCOF)
for OHCS Affordable Housing Projects
​Funding Assistance for Construction Cost Inceases

 MCOF Instructions​ 

Development Resources and Production

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