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Administrative Rules

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This is a statement that is required by law to include in specific state agency rulemaking. Below is the official statute relation to the Housing Cost Impact Statement (HCIS), the official OHCS-issued Housing Cost Impact Statement Form, and additional information relating to the Housing Cost Impact Statement. 

A housing cost impact statement is an estimate of the effect of a proposed rule or ordinance on the cost of development of a 6,000 square foot parcel and the construction of a 1,200 square foot detached single family dwelling on that parcel. (ORS) 183.534.

A Housing Cost Impact Statement is required for the following state agencies in their rulemaking:
  • The Oregon Housing Stability Council;
  • A building codes division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services (or any board associated with the department with regard to rules adopted under ORS 455.610 to 455.630)
  • The Land Conservation and Development Commission
  • The Environmental Quality Commission
  • The Construction Contractors Board
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services
  • The State Department of Energy.

If you are interested in submitting public comment in relation to a specific rule, and the window for public comment is still open, you can submit an official public comment by reaching out via the channels listed below. 

Please be prepared to reference the specific rule change you would like to comment on.

For Mail-In Comment:
Oregon Housing and Community Services
ATTN: Jaci Davis
725 Summer St. NE, Suite B
Salem, OR 97301

For Phone Comment:
Please call 503-986-6796

For Email Comment:
Please send an email with the official comment to Jaci.Davis@hcs.orego​​​. Please include the rule referenced in the subject line of the email. 

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