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Oregon Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation

The Oregon Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation (OAHAC) is an Oregon nonprofit public benefit corporation. The primary purpose of OAHAC is to administer programs, such as the Oregon Housing Stabilization Initiative (OHSI), targeted to help prevent or mitigate the impact of foreclosures on low and moderate income persons, to help stabilize housing markets in Oregon, to provide resources for affordable or subsidized housing and to develop and administer programs related to housing permitted under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, as amended ("EESA"), and act as an institution eligible to receive Troubled Asset Relief Program Funds under EESA.

The OAHAC Board of Directors of the Corporation holds regular and special meetings, in accordance with Section 65.344 of the Oregon Revised Statutes, to discuss general business matters and program updates, approve meeting minutes, and to take any that the Board of Director's of the Corporation deem appropriate.

Board of Directors Meetings are held at:

Conference call information for OAHAC meetings:
Number: 1-877-273-4202
Room#: 465597498

Meeting Information


Loan Payoffs and Subordination

OHSI Program Questions

Phone: 503-986-2025

Meeting Accessibility

The meeting location is accessible to persons with disabilities. A request for an interpreter for the hearing impaired or for other accommodations for persons with disabilities should be made at least 48 hours before the meeting to:

Doris Halpin-Reyes
Phone: 503-986-7231

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