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Responsible Vendor Program

Responsible Vendor Program OAR 845-009-0135  
Retail licensees who join the Responsible Vendor Program and maintain all of its requirements are eligible for reduced sanctions if their employees sell alcohol to a minor or fail to properly check ID.

Purpose:  The purpose of the program is to reduce underage drinking, encourage licensees to adopt specific best practices to prevent sales to minors, and provide licensees with an incentive to give their employees on-going training in responsible alcohol sales and service.
Elements:  The program is free, voluntary, and self-monitoring.  To participate in the program, licensees must submit an application form to the OLCC.  If the application verifies that the licensee meets the qualifications to join the program, the OLCC will send the licensee a membership certificate.
Requirements:  The basic requirements of the program are that the licensee: (1) provide on-going training to employees, (2) accept only certain forms of ID for alcohol sales, (3) adopt house policies on alcohol sales and checking ID, (4) post specific signs in the business, and (5) keep records verifying compliance with the program's requirements.  All of these requirements are described in more detail in the information below.  

For more information and an application form, click on the following links:  
Frequently Asked Questions 
Training Requirements 
House Policy Guidelines 
Tips for Checking ID 
Checklist of Program Requirements 
Benefits of the Program 
Application for the Responsible Vendor Program 


Kathi Solima
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