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Resources for Licensees

Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board Resources

Cemetery Procedures​

This document details what the cemetery sexton is responsible for when accepting remains at the cemetery.


Crematory Procedures

This document details what the crematory operator is responsible for when accepting remains at the crematory.


Alternative Disposition Company Procedures

This document details what the alternative disposition operator is responsible for when accepting remains at the disposition facility. 


Guidelines for Oregon Cemeteries

This document can help new cemetery managers understand what they are responsible for doing under Oregon law.


 ​​Request for Interment Form
If a dedicated cemetery is in receivership, bankruptcy, or abandoned and there is a pre-existing right of interment, a licensed funeral establishment may conduct that interment after first obtaining written permission from the Board.

Appointment of Person to Make Decisions Concerning Disposition of Remains

ORS 97.130 allows individuals to designate a specific person to direct the disposition of their remains after they die. If they have made this appointment, it supersedes the list in ORS 97.130(2) of individuals who may direct disposition. The appointment must be made in writing, and must be substantially similar to this document. 


Appointment of Person to Make Decisions Concerning Disposition of a Current Decedent's Remains

This sample form has been created by OMCB for use by the person who has the lawful right to control final disposition under ORS 97.130(2)) for a current (or pending) decedent and, who, as permitted under ORS 97.130(3), wants to appoint another person to make the final disposition decisions on their behalf.


Notification of Found Cremated Remains

If, in the course of opening a plot, cremated remains are found, the discovery must be reported to the Board. Use this form to notify the Board.


Notification of Found Human Remains

If, in the course of opening a plot, human remains or other funerary objects are found, the discovery must be reported to the Board. Use this form to notify the Board. 


Receipt for Cremated Remains

Permanent records should include documentation of who the remains were released to that is similar to this form.


Sample Interment Authorization/Record of Inurnment/Scattering Authorization

Licensed facilities must obtain written permission for final disposition and scattering services from the person who has the right to control disposition of the human remains pursuant to ORS 97.130(1) and (2). This must be kept as part of the facility's permanent records.​


Sample Cremation Authorization

Licensed facilities must obtain written permission for final disposition from the person who has the right to control disposition of the human remains pursuant to ORS 97.130(1) and (2). This must be kept as part of the facility's permanent records.


Sample Embalming Authorization

Licensed facilities must obtain written permission for embalming from the person who has the right to control disposition of the human remains pursuant to ORS 97.130(1) and (2). This must be kept as part of the facility's permanent records.


Sample Funeral Service Practitioner Apprentice Log 

Sample Embalmer Apprentice Log 

Apprentices must keep a log book on the premises of the licensed facility where he or she is supervised, showing all arrangements made or participated in by the apprentice​

The Board's Duty to Disclose Information Collected as Part of an InvestigationThis is a legal opinion regarding what information the Board is required to disclose and when.


Duty to Report Prohibited or Unprofessional ConductLicensees who have reasonable cause to believe that another licensee has engaged in prohibited or unprofessional conduct must report the conduct to the licensee’s board. 

Disinterment of Cremated Remains​This document aims to clarify that a disinterment permit from Vital Records is not required in the case of cremated remains. 


Policies Requiring Embalming for the purposes of Viewing, Visitation, or Shipping Are ProhibitedThis information was compiled by Board staff in response to public and industry inquiries concerning the business practice of requiring embalming when a family selects a service with viewing.


Description of Forwarding Remains on the General Price ListThis memo specifically applies to the inclusion of embalming as part of the cost for forwarding remains.


Fact Sheet: Who to Contact When a Patient Dies While Under a Caretaker’s SupervisionThis document is guidance for funeral directors and caretakers when dealing with a decedent that has a caretaker.


Who May Sign a Death Certificate? This memo responds to questions about which specific OMCB Licensees may sign death certificates.


Guide for Funeral Directors on Indigent Disposition ProgramThis guide has been prepared to help funeral directors and other employees of funeral establishments in the state of Oregon understand the Indigent Disposition Program. 

Occupational Safety for the Death Care Industry. This publication was developed as a collaboration between OMCB and Oregon OSHA to emphasize industry hazards, provide recommendations, and highlight related Oregon OSHA standards. ​

Other Resources

The following sites are provided for the convenience of our licensees. OMCB is not responsible for the content on any of the following sites.


Oregon Funeral Directors Association 

OFDA is the only state trade association in Oregon representing funeral service.


National Funeral Directors Association 

NFDA is the largest funeral service association in the country.


National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association, Inc. 
NFD&MA is a membership association of professional funeral directors and morticians and embalmers.

Cemetery Association of Oregon  

CAO is a professional association that represents the interests of cemeteries.​

The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards, Inc.

Also known simply as "The Conference", ICFSEB is a not-for-profit voluntary association providing examination services, information, and regulatory support to funeral service licensing boards and educators, governmental bodies and other regulatory agencies. The Conference offers testing for Oregon's Embalmer's exam, and will soon also offer the Funeral Service Practitioner exam.

Mt. Hood Community College Funeral Service Education Program 

Mt Hood Community College in Gresham offers Oregon's only accredited funeral service education program. 
This is the sole accreditor of college and university programs in funeral service education and mortuary science in the United States. At this site, you can see a listing of all accredited programs and learn about the accrediting process.  ​

Oregon Center for Health Statistics - Register Vital Records 

Oregon law requires all deaths that occur in the state to be permanently recorded and registered. The first funeral home that takes custody of a deceased is required to file the death record. The Oregon Vital Records office, known as the Center for Health Statistics (CHS), manages all vital records in Oregon. They also publish a Death Newsletter for funeral directors to keep them up to date on developments in the department. You can find contact information for the CHS Registration Unit here.

Oregon Health Authority - Local Public Health Authority Directory

Public health services in Oregon are carried out through a collaborative system of federal, state and local agencies, private organizations, and communities. The Oregon Health Authority provides a directory of local public health authorities by county, which can assist funeral service practitioners in contacting a public health officer when needed.

Department of State Lands Estate Escheat Program 

The Oregon Department of State Lands administers estates for those who die without a will and without known heirs – known as “intestate estates." Anyone with knowledge of the death of an individual without a will and known heirs is required by law to notify the Department of State Lands within 48 hours of that knowledge. For indigent decedents, funeral homes will need to contact the Department of State Lands as part of the indigent disposition process if no heirs have been identified.

Governor's Office -  Executive Appointments to Boards & Commissions 

Have you ever wondered how people become Board Members for OMCB? Are you interested in becoming a Board Member yourself? The Governor's office appoints all Board Members, and they are then confirmed by the Senate. Information on the application process can be found at the link above.

Division of Financial Regulation - Endowment Care Cemeteries

A perpetual or endowed care cemetery is one where the owners elect to have an irrevocable trust fund to care, maintain, and enhance the cemetery. A percentage of the gross sales price is deposited into the trust fund (ORS 97.820). The division maintains a list of all perpetual or endowed care cemeteries in Oregon.


Division of Financial Regulation - Preneed Search

This search shows all certified providers in Oregon who can sell prearranged funeral plans funded by trusts. In order to be licensed as a Preneed Salesperson with OMCB, you must be employed by a business that is registered as a certified provider.​

Secretary of State - Corporation Division  

All licensed facilities (with the exception of facilities owned by public agencies, e.g. special district cemeteries) are required to have their name registered with the Corporation Division 

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department - Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries

The Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries maintains a list of historic cemeteries and gravesites in Oregon to promote public education on the significance of historic cemeteries and provide financial and technical assistance for restoring, improving and maintaining their appearance. Cemeteries on this list may or may not be operating, and must have at least one burial prior to 1909.


State Medical Examiner’s Office

The State Medical Examiner certifies the cause and manner of deaths requiring investigation per ORS 146.


US Department of Health and Human Services- Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams 

In the wake of a mass casualty event, families, friends and communities need to find closure. Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams (DMORTs) work to quickly and accurately identify victims and support local mortuary services.​​

Chicora Foundation Chicora is a South Carolina-based non-profit heritage preservation organization. They publish several guides relevant to cemeteries, including a booklet on cemetery disaster planning.​

​Idaho Board of Morticians 

The Idaho Board of Morticians licenses and regulates the death care industry in Idaho.

California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau 
The California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau licenses and regulates the death care industry in California.

Washington Department of Licensing and Funeral and Cemetery Board 
The Washington Funeral and Cemetery Board regulates the death care industry in Washington.


Nevada Board of Funeral and Cemetery Services

The Nevada Board of Funeral and Cemetery Services regulates the death care industry in Nevada​

Federal Trade Commission - Funeral Industry

The FTC provides guidance on complying with the Funeral Rule.  ​