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ATV Sound

Oregon DEQ sets the sound levels for ATVs which is based on each type of vehicle. Sound is measured at 20 inches from the tip of the muffler at a specific RPM for each individual vehicle. Most ATV Law Enforcement Officers throughout the State of  Oregon have been issued a sound meter and are trained to conduct sound testing.

Excessively loud ATVs threatens trail access everywhere. Most ATVs equipped with a stocker muffler comply with sound limits. Some ATVs and motorcycles are designed for closed course completion and may not meet the Oregon sound limits. Most local shops can help you find a muffler that will bring your vehicle into compliance.

  • Motorcycles and 3 wheelers need to be under 99 dBA. Motorcycles older than 1976 are 102 dBA.

  • 4-wheelers/Quads (Class I ATVs) and side-by-sides (Class IV ATVs) are considered mid-engine vehicles and fall under the 97 dBA sound level.

  • Class II ATVs would be split depending on the location of the engine. Trucks, Jeeps and SUVs would fall under front engine vehicles and the 95 dBA level. Other Class II vehicles like sand rails or dune buggies would fall under the front or rear engine level of 95 dBA or 97 dBA depending on engine location.

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (ODNRA) and Sand Lake Recreation Area is managed by the US Forest Service, and has current sound limits from 93 to 97 dBA depending on location.