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All-Terrain Vehicle Grant Program

The ATV Grant Program provides funding statewide for off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation. Grant funds come from ATV user permit sales and a percentage of gasoline tax money. 

ATV Program Infographic

Program Overview


Eligible applicants include:

  • Public agencies that have a responsibility of providing OHV recreation, including federal (BLM, USFS, NPS), tribes, and state (OPRD, ODFW, ODF) agencies and local government (cities, town, counties).

  • Private land managers who provide and maintain public OHV recreation.

  • Registered non-profit OHV clubs.

Eligible projects include:

  • Operation and maintenance – Operating and maintaining OHV trails and facilities. Operating projects include employees, trail patrols, camp hosts or trail volunteers. Maintenance projects include services and projects for keeping up OHV trails and facilities.

  • Law Enforcement – Law enforcement projects include providing patrols and equipment in OHV riding areas.

  • Emergency Medical Services– Providing emergency medical attention to OHV users in riding areas, such as paying for medical equipment, services and supplies.

  • Planning – Planning for OHV recreation, including environmental studies, feasibility studies and appraisals.

  • Development – Developing public OHV recreation areas, including final design, engineering, site surveys, new trails and facilities and major rehabilitation of existing trails and facilities.

  • Acquisition – Acquiring land for public OHV recreation.

Match Criteria:

Project sponsors must have a minimum 20% match for the requested grant. Matches include local budget funds, federal revenue sharing funds, local agency labor or equipment, other grants, donations of land, labor, equipment, or any combination of the above.

Grant Cycle Schedule

Operations and Maintenance, Law Enforcement, Development, Land Acquisition, Emergency Medical Services and Safety Education Projects

April 3, 2024: Cycle opens.                     

May 10, 2024: Letter of intent due by end of day (11:59pm)

June 10, 2024: Application Due by end of day (11:59pm)

Month TBD 2024: ATV Grant Subcommittee Meeting

Late September 2024: Estimated start date of grant agreements. End date of June 30, 2025.

For information about the ATV Grant Application Process, contact the Grants & Community Programs Representative in your region.

Dates subject to change.

Grant Program Guidance and Forms

​The ATV Grant Manual includes program policies, eligibility requirements, information about the application process, current scoring criteria, and grant management policies.

ATV Grant Manual

​​No workshops are scheduled at this time. If you are interested in learning more about the grant program and the application process, please contact Ian Caldwell or Mike Law.

​OPRD utilizes an online grants application system. The application can be accessed online when the grant cycle is open. Interested applicants must have an account on OPRD Grants to apply and if needed, can request an account at any time.

Application Materials

Online Application Instructions:  This is not an ATV specific document, but all the information is applicable for ATV application information.
Application Attachment Checklist: A list of required attachments and forms that must be submitted with your application. Also refer to the current ATV Grant Manual for details.

General Application Forms:

Environmental and State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Forms for Non-Federal Land:

All progress reports and reimbursement requests will be accepted through the Online Grants System at
An Online Grant Reimbursement Reporting Instruction form has been created to help you through the process. These instructions apply to all OPRD grant programs. Additionally, below are two helpful tuturials:

OPRD Grants Online Instructional Videos:

We strongly encourage you to submit Reimbursement Requests and Quarterly Reports at least once each quarter. You must submit a progress report prior to submitting a Reimbursement Request.


For Law Enforcement Only – OPRD Law Enforcements Tracking System (LETS):
For those who have Law Enforcement grants covering ATV patrol hours, you will need utilize the LETS program which is the tool to use when tracking ATV patrol hours and administration.   
Once you enter information into LETS, you can create a Quarterly Report Summary PDF and attach it to your reimbursement request, which is submitted through the Online Grants System. This report is proof of patrol hours. 

Additionally, you need to complete and attach the LE Match Certification Form (for documenting non-salary match) and Grant Fund Expenditures Form with each reimbursement request. The Grant Fund Expenditure Form needs to list each officer's Title, first and last name, hourly wage, and ATV hours worked. Any non-salary match items and their costs need to be listed as well.

Grant Advisory Committee

The ATV Grant Subcommittee's purpose is to interact with the public and utilize resources to review and make recommendations to OPRD regarding the funding of ATV/OHV grants in the following categories; operation and maintenance, law enforcement, emergency medical services, land acquisition, planning, future development of ATV/OHV trail opportunities in Oregon’s OHV recreation areas.

Interested in joining the ATV Grant subcommittee?  Fill out a Committee Interest Form and email it to the Safety Education Coordinator.

Past Meeting Minutes





February (business)
April (Business)
September (Field Trip and Business)

For previous meeting minutes, contact OPRD ATV staff.

Grant Awards







For a list of projects funded prior to 2019, contact OPRD ATV Staff.


Ian Caldwell
Grant Program Coordinator-Eastside Field Representative
62976 OB Riley Road
Bend, OR 97703

Mike Law
Westside Field Representative-Grants & Agreements
725 Summer St. NE Suite C
Salem, OR 97301


Jeff Trejo
ATV Safety Education Coordinator
725 Summer St. NE Suite C
Salem, OR 97301