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Volunteering & Land Use


Person in protective gear removing a tree from a trail.Please do your part to maintain the trails you use.  Many clubs and land managers organize volunteer trail work parties throughout the year. These work parties are where your interest and dedication to OHVing can really be shown. You can learn about terrain, soils and trail layout. In addition, working on foot and "in the dirt" can improve your riding skills. Not only can you be proud to contribute to the sport, most parties end with a great ride.

These work parties depend on volunteers like you. They're always interested in volunteers. Contact your local club or riding area land manager to see what work parties are scheduled.

Map of Oregon OHV area land managers

ETRA trail work partyThere are many benefits to joining a riding club. Many enjoy the camaraderie gained through joining a club.  It allows novice and expert riders to share information on riding areas, conditions, attaining skills, and generally enjoying the outdoors with other enthusiasts.  It gives riders the opportunity to meet new friends and discover new riding areas.  Joining a club also allows you to come together for a common goal, keeping riding areas open and maintaining those areas for future generations. 

Land Use

Your involvement as an OHV user is the greatest resource to keeping land open to OHV recreation. Here are some ways to get you involved:

  • Attend meetings with OHV clubs, land use managers and legislators. Let the land managers and legislators know why we believe in enjoying our public lands. The world is run by people who show up.

  • Write to your local state or federal land manager. A simple letter explaining how much you enjoy trail riding can have significant impact. Express your opinion and let your love of the sport be known. Do this often and let your voice be heard.

  • Write letters to your state and federal representatives. Let them know the importance of supporting motorized recreation opportunities.

  • Attend trail maintenance work parties. Work parties are where your dedication to OHVing can really be shown. Not only can you proud to make a contribution to the sport, many work parties end in a great ride. Contact your local club or the OHV coordinator where you ride for more information on trail work parties.