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Oregon Heritage MentorCorps

The MentorCorps is a trained group of volunteers with professional experience in collections care, emergency management, and non-profit management. Its members are ready to help your organization get the training and tools it needs to get the job done.

Some of the ways mentors can help include (but are not limited to!):

  • A collection assessment to help prioritize collection needs and projects
  • Staff/volunteer trainings on collection care basics, board roles and responsibilities, specific types of collections, volunteer recruitment, digitization, and more
  • Provide advice and resources for specific projects
  • Lend out equipment including temperature and humidity data loggers, light meters, and PastPerfect training cds and manual

All nonprofit and government archives, libraries and museums can access the free service.


Organizations requesting a mentor will apply between July 1-Aug. 25. They will then be assigned a mentor for a 10 month period. This allows the organization and mentor to form a relationship and to have to assess and prioritize projects.

We take in consideration the following when matching organization's with a mentor:

  • Geography
  • Skills and abilities
Depending on mentor availability and the type of assistance requested, mentors assigned to an organizaton may reside in a different region of the state which would require virtual help as oppossed to on-site help.

Due to the pandemic, mentors are currently unable to do site visits due to state travel restrictions but can provide assistance via phone, email, or through a virtual platform.

Cost of Participating: FREE

Types of Assistance

Mentors can provide the following assistance:

  • Project prioritization
  • Project planning
  • trainings such as collections care basics, topics related to board roles and responsibilities, disaster preparedeness, volunteer management, and more.
  • Grant application advice and review
  • Recommendation of resources and references
  • and more!


  • July 1 - Aug. 25: Application open for organizations requesting assistance
  • Aug. 25-Aug. 30: Organizations matched with a mentor
  • Sept. 1-Sept. 15: Agreements issued and signed
  • Sept. 1-June 30: Mentors assist organizations

What if we missed the application period? What type of assistance is available in between application periods?

  • There will be virtual "Ask a Mentor" opportunities throughout the year in October, January, and April. Please see the calendar as those dates approach for details or subscribe to the Oregon Heritage News Listserve to recieve notifications of upcoming Oregon Heritage events.
  • You can find information for upcoming Oregon Heritage Workshops, and the Summit and Conference here.
  • Visit our Technical Resources page for access to Heritage Bulletins or other resources.
  • Call Beth Dehn at (971) 720-8998 or email if you need further suggestions.

To be matched with a mentor to assist your organization you must submit an application.

Things to consider priror to submitting an application:

  • Discuss this program with your board and consider voting on applying so the board is aware of the request for assistance.
  • Take some time to think about what your organization's priorities are, if you are not sure but just have some general concerns, please indicate that in the application.
  • Mentors provide assistance and resource referrals but do not do the projects for the organization such as a consultant would. They may recommend aspects of the projects that may benefit from hiring a consultant.
  • Upon being matched with a mentor, an agreement is signed between the organization, the mentor, and Oregon Heritage to make sure all parties are on the same page about the type of assistance offered and the process and timeline of assistance.
  • Upon the end of the period of assistance, we ask that organizations fill out an evaluation to help us better the program.

Application Deadline: Applications are now closed but will open again in July 2022.


Mentors are a critical component of technical assistance offered by Oregon Heritage. They provide planning and project guidance to organizations that request assistance and need a trained professional to give advice and provide vetted resources. Being a mentor gives you access to expanding your heritage network in addition to having access to training and expanding your skills and abilities.


  • Preference will be given to underrepresented geographic locations where there is a greater need for mentors.
  • A willingness to approach training and organizations without judgement and with encouragement.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • A willingness to learn and help others learn.
  • Skill in at least one of the listed skills or subject matters in the application is required.
  • At least one year of experience working in a heritage organization.
  • Previous experience in collections care or management is preferred. However, mentors will come from a wide variety of experience and training. They will be encouraged to build their knowledge through other training programs offered by Oregon Heritage, MentorCorps partners, National Heritage and Emergency Response organizations.
  • Access to broadband internet for communication and training.
  • A valid Oregon driver’s license or the ability to arrange transportation to visit heritage organizations in their region.
  • Ability to attend in person or virtually the annual MentorCorps Meeting in April.


  • Oregon Heritage will provide at least one mentor training each year.
  • Support from Oregon Heritage will include:
    • Coordination of matching mentors to heritage organizations
    • Provide free registration and lodging (when budget allows) to attend the Oregon Heritage Conference and Summit
    • Share information about training opportunities and resources
    • Free trainings specifically for mentors when opportunities arise
    • Promote the MentorCorps program
    • Provide reminders for quarterly reports
    • Opportunities for mentors to connect and network with each other


This is a volunteer position. Oregon Heritage will compensate mileage payments up to $100 dollars per quarter if requested. Compensation will only be paid if a mileage report is filled out and returned. 


  • Those interested can fill out this application at any point during the year.
  • The program coordinator will be in touch to arrange an interview.
  • If accepted as a mentor, the program coordinator will be in touch with the next available orientation date.
  • After the orientation, new mentors are expected to attend the annual mentor meeting in April.
  • Mentors are then ready to be available for matching during the next cycle.

Apply to be a mentor

​Oregon Heritage as the following equipment and resources that organizations may request to borrow:

  • Dataloggers to monitor temperature and humidity
  • Lightmeters
  • PastPerfect manual and training CDs
Equipment is located in various organizations across the state and can either be picked up mailed depending on availability and location. The length of the equipment loan depends on availability. Organizations requesting equipment will need fill out a loan form.

Form to request equipment


Beth Dehn
(971) 720-8998

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