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National Exam Provider

The National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG) is a non-profit organization that provides standardized written exams for determining qualifications of applicants seeking licensure as professional geologists. ASBOG provides state geologist registration boards with uniform, vetted exams that are valid measures of competency related to the practice of the profession. The Board is a member of ASBOG and requires passage of the ASBOG exam - Fundamentals of Geology (FG) and Practice of Geology (PG) sections - as the exam standard for geologist registration in Oregon.
ASBOG developed the FG exam section to emphasize knowledge and skills that are typically covered in undergraduate geologic academic programs. In contrast, ASBOG developed the PG exam section to emphasize skills and knowledge acquired or expanded in practice (i.e., through supervised work experience). ASBOG exam sections are “closed-book” and constructed using a four (4) option multiple choice form. The FG and PG exam sections contain one hundred forty (140) and one hundred ten (110) items, respectively. Both exam sections are based on periodic task analysis surveys designed to evaluate the current geologic practice. ASBOG has performed these surveys every five years since 1995 by collecting data from a random sampling of licensed geologists working in ASBOG member states. Survey participants rate geologic tasks in terms of the importance of the specific tasks to protection of the public. ASBOG uses survey results to maintain test blueprints that temporally and geographically reflect the practice of the profession. ASBOG has assured that exams are designed to be fair to candidates from all regions of the country. 

ASBOG uses a Council of Examiners process that brings together volunteer licensed geoscientists and academicians with professional psychometricians to develop and maintain exams. The Council of Examiners is composed of geologic subject matter experts in various disciplines and hailing from across the ASBOG member states. ASBOG ensures that the Council of Examiners meets after each exam administration to evaluate the exam just given and to review the exam for the next administration. Based on results of the Council of Examiners work, the psychometrician determines final cut scores for the recently administered national exam sections, and adds new questions to the item bank for use in future exams. 
ASBOG does NOT determine if Oregon candidates for exam are qualified to sit for exam. Candidates must apply to the Board for approval to take an exam. Visit the Qualify for Exams and Exam Dates pages for more information.
ASBOG does NOT directly register geologists to practice geology. Also, registration is not automatic upon passing an exam. Applicants for registration in Oregon must apply to the Board. Visit the Apply for Registration page for more information.

ASBOG resources

ASBOG offers a variety of resources for exam applicants and licensed geologists via its website ( Following are links provided for convenience to a few resources that the Board finds to be particularly valuable for exam applicants: