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Oregon Nurse Practice Act

Each state regulates its own practice of nursing; therefore, the scope of nursing practice varies from state to state.  It is your legal and professional responsibility to understand your legal scope of practice.  Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for violating the practice act. 
The Oregon Nurse Practice Act is comprised of Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 678.010-678.445 (laws) and Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 851 (rules).  Any changes in the law are made by the Oregon Legislature.  These laws grant the OSBN authority to write administrative rules that further define the law.  These rules have the effect of law and help define safe and competent practice. 
Each rule division undergoes periodic review, and rulemaking occurs during in-person board meetings.  There is always an opportunity for public comment and input during the rulemaking process, in accordance with the Oregon Administrative Procedures Act.  Check upcoming board meeting agendas for topics of interest to you.

Oregon Revised Statutes 


Oregon Administrative Rules