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Database Migration Summary

The OSBN migrated to a new database in October 2022.  These are changes you may notice:

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Online Licensing Portal:

You will need to create a new user account, even if you've held a license for years.  If your license expiration date fell during the migration period (9/30/22 - 10/10/22), and you didn't renew before Sept. 30, your expiration date will be temporarily extended until Oct. 17 to give you time to renew after the new system launches on Oct. 10.  If you have still not renewed by then, your expiration date will return to its normal date, your license will be expired, and you will be assessed a $100 late fee. 

Application Status Check

Applicants who submitted an application PRIOR TO 9/30/22 may check the status here with the old application status wizard.  If you submitted an application AFTER 10/10/22, you must log into your account to view your application status.

Employer Verification Subscription Service:

If you subscribed to the OSBN employer subscription service, we encourage you to sign up for the NCSBN e-Notify system:  It's free and functions the same way; you input a list of nurses, and you'll receive updates regarding their license and discipline status.  Unfortunately, e-Notify doesn't provide data for CNAs at this time. The OSBN will evaluate options regarding CNAs later this year.  In the meantime, license data will be available for individual CNAs on the OSBN verification webpage as usual. 

Renewal reminders:

RNs, LPNs, APRNs:  As of October 10, 2022, the Oregon State Board of Nursing is discontinuing courtesy renewal reminders for LPNs, RNs, and APRNs.  All Oregon nurses are encouraged to sign up for the free Nursys e-Notify system if they want to receive reminders about their license renewal.  Go to and click on “As a Nurse."  Follow the directions to create a free nurse account.  For more information regarding e-Notify, visit for a video explanation.  Nursys and e-Notify are systems developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.  It is each licensee's responsibility to renew their license on time, as required by the Oregon Nurse Practice Act.  Sign up for e-Notify to avoid late renewal fees and possible civil penalties.