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Healthy And Safe Schools Plan

Healthy and Safe Schools Plan includes five major areas: radon, lead in drinking water, lead in paint, integrated pest management and communications.

  1. Radon

    Oregon School for the Deaf has adopted a radon plan as required by ORS 332.167 and all facilities have been tested. Testing protocols and results are available under the heading Documents.

  2. Lead in Drinking Water

    Oregon School for the Deaf has adopted a plan for testing all schools, childcare facilities and administrative buildings (owned or leased) for both lead and copper. The EPA action level for copper is 1.3ppm. Testing protocols and results are available under the heading Documents.

  3. Lead in Paint

    Oregon School for the Deaf is in full compliance with the EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Rule by ensuring that both contractors and OSD staff are certified and trained to perform the necessary work.

  4. Integrated Pest Management

    Oregon School for the Deaf is in full compliance of ORS 634.700 through 634.750 through its Integrated Pest Management Plan. The plan is available under the heading Documents.

  5. Communication

    Oregon School for the Deaf is in full compliance of this requirement by making all test results and detailed information explaining the test results available to the public within five business days of receiving the results. Results are made available by posting the information on the OSD website, sending notice of the results over the email system, written communication and making the results available in printed form at the main administration office located at 999 Locust St NE, Salem, OR 97301.

Printed copies of the plan can be obtained upon request, or you can download the attachments under the heading Documents.

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