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Secure Facilities

Oregon map with locations of OYA facilities
OYA has nine secure facilities, also known as close-custody facilities. Five are youth correctional facilities (YCF) and four are youth transitional facilities (YTF, or camps).

Staff at our facilities create safe, supportive environments where we hold youth accountable while providing them with the treatment, education, and other guidance they need to become responsible, community-minded citizens.

About 490 youth live in OYA's facilities at any given time. They come to OYA facilities in two ways:

  • A juvenile judge commits them to OYA close custody; or
  • An adult court commits them to the Oregon Department of Corrections, but because of their younger age, they can live in OYA facilities until age 25.

Youth Correctional Facilities

These are secure, fenced facilities that focus on:

  • Education and vocational training
  • Treatment for negative and harmful behaviors
  • Treatment for substance use disorders
  • Medical and psychiatric care
  • Mental health counseling and services
  • Culturally responsive services
  • Teaching positive social behaviors
  • Teaching life skills
  • Preparing youth for transition back to the community
  • Recreational and enrichment activities

Youth Transitional Facilities

These facilities provide the same types of services as our youth correctional facilities, with an additional focus on teaching skills to help youth transition successfully back into the community.

Our transition facilities allow many youth to go into the community for jobs, internships, or community service programs.

Transition facilities are still secure, although they don't always have a security fence.

 OYA Facilities