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Living Units

MacLaren has 12 living units, divided into two groups based on their location: Valley units and Courtyard units.

Valley Units

The Valley units include a day room, kitchen and dining area, enclosed outdoor patio, and a shared sleeping room with 20 beds. The Valley units are:
  • Boulder
  • Crater
  • Dunes
  • Fossil (temporarily closed for remodeling, March 2023)
  • Granite
  • Haystack (temporarily closed for remodeling, March 2023)
  • Jasper

inside day room

Inside the day room of one of the Valley units. 

inside sleeping room of living unit
Inside the sleeping room of a Valley living unit.

Courtyard Units

The Courtyard Units opened in 2017 and feature 16 individual sleeping rooms, several day rooms, and an enclosed outdoor patio. The Courtyard units are:
  • Maple (intake unit)
  • Noble (intake unit)
  • Oak
  • Pacific
  • Rockaway
  • Summit

outside building
Outside of Maple. All Courtyard Units look the same from the outside.

inside day room of living unit
One of the day room areas in a Courtyard unit. All of the Courtyard units have the same basic layout.

inside day room of living unit
A day room in a Courtyard unit, surrounded by individual sleeping rooms along the wall.


If you have questions about our facility or your youth, your first point of contact is the case coordinator for your youth’s living unit.

Here are the phone numbers for the case coordinators:

Boulder: Bruce McRoberts, 971-301-0843
Crater: Pedro Perez, 503-980-6804
Dunes: Mackenzie Green, 503-980-6834
Granite: Christina Williams, 503-428-9730
Jasper: Veronika Evans, 503-980-6810
Maple (intake unit): Jayson Ellis, 503-980-6852
Noble (intake unit): Kara Youngblutt, 503-980-6859
Oak: Arnulfo "Junior" Torres-Rivera, 503-400-1098
Pacific: 503-982-1699
Rockaway: Bruce Vang, 503-980-6887
Summit: Athena Street, 503-980-6816