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Youth Property and Packages

Youth Property

When youth arrive at Oak Creek, we provide them with these items:
  • Bed and bedding
  • Clothing: sweatpants, sweatshirt, jacket, t-shirts, shorts, socks
  • Undergarments (if you prefer that your youth have their personal undergarments, you may provide them, if you first get approval from their treatment team)
  • Shoes: tennis shoes and sandals
  • Hygiene products: soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, and other basic products 
  • Religious items (only if youth ask for them and the items are approved by managers)
  • Leisure books (soft cover or paperback only)
In the beginning, youth may have only these items. As they progress through our programs and earn more privileges, they may be able to have other items.


All packages must be approved by your youth’s living unit manager or case coordinator before you send them. Packages that are not pre-approved will be returned to sender.

You can give packages to your youth in three ways:
  • Mail them in
  • Bring them during visiting time
  • Drop them off at the front desk of Oak Creek
When your child first arrives at Oak Creek, the number and type of items they may have is limited. As they progress through Oak Creek’s system of privilege levels, they will be able to have more items and they can earn the ability to receive more packages. 

As mentioned above, please check with your child’s treatment team before sending packages. The items youth may have depend on their privilege level and may change for security reasons.

When you send gifts to your youth, please do not wrap them — this is for the safety of all our youth. You may put the gifts in unsealed decorated gift bags or boxes.

What is Not Allowed?

  • Food, drinks, candy, or gum
  • Glass containers or mirrors
  • Aerosol containers
  • Perfume, cologne, or after-shave
  • Ornamental ribbon or metal
  • Jewelry (except religious necklaces)
  • Hygiene products (except makeup)
  • Vitamins and dietary supplements
  • Hardcover books
  • Other contraband items

What May I Send?

Youth are only allowed to have certain items, depending on their privilege level. Before sending any items, talk with your child’s treatment team to learn what they may have. Here are some ideas — all items are dependent on the youth’s level:
  • Comb and brush sets
  • Coloring books and non-toxic crayons
  • Craft how-to books (soft cover or paperback only)
  • Religious books (soft cover or paperback only)
  • Leisure books (no drug references, graphic violence, or sexual content) (soft cover or paperback only)
  • Small address books (soft cover or paperback only)
  • Photo albums (no spirals; soft cover or paperback only)
  • Journals or blank books (no spirals; soft cover or paperback only)
  • Small religious necklaces
  • Stationery and envelopes (no pre-stamped envelopes)
  • Bookmarks (paper or cardboard)
  • Small stuffed animal (12 inches max; no ribbons or metal)
  • Playing cards or card games
  • Undergarments (bras without underwire are preferred; if you send a bra with an underwire, we will remove the wire)
  • Jigsaw puzzles