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Subpoenas and Court Orders

For youth records without the release of information from the youth:
Send the subpoena duces tecum, or court order from the adjudicating juvenile court, for the release of OYA records to:

Deborah Tuss
Public Records, Risk and Legislative Analyst
530 Center St. N.E., Suite 500
Salem, OR 97301-3777
Phone:  971-304-5093
Fax:  503-373-7622

We will review for legal sufficiency to determine if records can be released and, if needed, direct the requestor to the adjudicating juvenile court to get a legally sufficient court order. 

Serving a youth? 

Upon order of the court, service of a subpoena on a youth may be served on the custodian (OYA). A transport order will also be required if the youth needs to attend court.