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Living Units

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Tillamook has two living units: Orca and Trask. Each unit operates independently and provides treatment. The 25-bed units are dorm-like with a sleeping area and a dayroom.

Each unit is assigned a living unit manager and case coordinator who oversee the youth’s program while at Tillamook. The case coordinator is the contact person for family members. Group life coordinators are staff in our living units who oversee youths’ day-to-day activities.



Living Unit Manager: Dan Howard
(503) 842-2565 ext. 228

Case Coordinator: Tracy Hall
(503) 842-2565 ext. 242


Living Unit Manager: Scott Barnett
(503) 842-2565 ext. 229
Case Coordinator: Bryan Watters
(503) 842-2565 ext. 244

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