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Services for Youth

Not all treatment programs are offered at every OYA facility. However, all facilities do offer an array of treatment to address developmental needs and risks related to criminal behavior.

Each youth’s treatment team selects the most appropriate combination of treatment programs based on the youth’s needs and personal characteristics.​

Elements of treatment for OYA youth include:
  • Addressing needs that are likely to lead to criminal behavior
  • Impact of crime on the victim and the community
  • Culturally responsive services
  • Engaging families​
  • Addressing mental health or trauma
  • Addressing substance use
  • Teaching life and social skills​
  • Providing education and vocational training
  • Providing medical services

All youth are given the opportunity to participate in treatment groups to give them the knowledge and skills to be successful when they return to their communities. Individual case plans are developed for each youth shortly after they are admitted to Tillamook YCF, and these include their required treatment groups.

Tillamook YCF offers treatment for:

  • Sexually harming behaviors
  • Violent offenses
  • Fire-setting offenses
  • Mental health
  • Social skills development​
  • Cognitive behavior treatment​
We also have qualified mental health professionals who provide individual counseling and a psychiatrist who sees the youth, as needed.

Learn more on the Treatment for OYA Youth page​, or by contacting your youth's case coordinator.

While your child is with OYA, we will make sure their needs are met. This includes medical care, dental care, and mental health care. Tillamook Youth Correctional Facility has a medical clinic staffed by one nurse. The clinic also serves the nearby Camp Tillamook youth. We have contracts with health care providers in the community for services we cannot provide. Mental health services are also provided on site.

​Payment for Medical Services
OYA pays for all necessary medical services for all youth in our correctional facilities. Youth are not eligible to receive Oregon Health Plan benefits while they are in OYA facilities.
Private Health Insurance
If you already have private health insurance for your youth, you should keep it, and let Tillamook YCF know about it. 

If your youth needs emergency or specialty care somewhere outside of our facilities, your insurance could help pay for this. 
Receiving Medical Information About Your Child
OYA health services follows HIPAA privacy guidelines. We are not allowed to release medical information about youth in our custody without a signed release.
  • Youth who are 14 and younger must have a release of information signed by Tillamook’s superintendent.
  • Youth who are 15 and older must sign a release of information form before we can share their medical information.

Clinic Fax: 503-842-0027
Kathryn Rawson, RN: 503-373-1994​

Learn more about Health Services at OYA.

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To successfully fulfill OYA’s mission, we must ensure that we effectively meet the needs of all youth and communities, especially those who are marginalized.

OYA works to provide culturally appropriate services at all our facilities, both for youth who identify as part of marginalized groups, and for all our youth to learn to understand and respect other cultures. Many, but not all, of these services are led by our Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations (OIIR). 

We provide services to meet the needs of many groups, including:
  • African American
  • Asian and Pacific Islander
  • Hispanic and Latinx
  • LGBTQ+
  • Native American

We also provide a free tattoo removal program for any youth wishing to get rid of gang-related, sex trafficking-related, or other anti-social tattoos. The program is located at MacLaren but open to all OYA youth.

To learn more about our multicultural services, visit the OIIR page​ or contact:​
Samantha Batista

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​All youth are given the opportunity to participate in enrichment​ groups to give them the knowledge and social skills to be successful when they return to their communities. ​

Enrichment opportunities available to youth at Tillamook YCF include cultural and holiday celebrations, sports, and gardening.