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Youth Property and Packages

Tillamook YCF provides all youth with essential needs (clothing, bedding, hygiene, food). We will also provide them with religious items, as requested.

Provided clothing includes a school uniform, sweats, shorts, socks, shoes, underwear and coats.

Additional personal items are made available to youth based on their treatment level and behavior, as determined by their treatment team. Once approved, youth can receive clothing and other personal property through the mail or at any visitation.

All packages must be approved by your youth’s treatment team before you send them or bring them in. Packages that are not pre-approved will be returned to sender. Certain items, such as hygiene products, might not be approved, as these can be purchased through our facility canteen through a youth’s trust account.

Youth must open packages in front of staff so that staff can check for contraband. Packages brought at visitation will be searched by staff before being delivered to youth.

OYA and Tillamook YCF are not liable or responsible for any personal items that youth have in the facility.

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