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File a Complaint


Mental Health Regulatory Agency compliance staff investigate complaints against Oregon psychologists, psychologist associates, psychologist residents, and others who may be acting in violation of the law (unlicensed practice).
The Board will investigate when it has reason to question the competency or conduct of a licensee, applicant, or any person alleged to be practicing in violation of Board law. Investigations are not always the result of an individual submitting a complaint; for example:
  • A random continuing education audit that shows evidence of non-compliance with requirements.
  • Newspaper articles or news broadcasts can create cause for further investigation.
  • Disciplinary actions by other states or professional credentialing organizations.
  • Inconsistencies or information coming as part of an application for licensure or renewal of licensure.

How to File a Complaint

Please complete and submit the form below to begin an investigation. If you have other documents that will help the Board investigate the case, please send copies with your submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

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