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Legislative Activities

Climate and Clean Energy Agenda

The PUC has recently been tasked with an increasing number of legislative directives related to climate and clean energy.  The PUC is actively implementing this legislation through various actions, including initiating new investigations and rulemakings, as well as incorporating new directives in existing proceedings undertaken to address rapid and significant change in the electric and natural gas industries. 
Below are links to high level summaries of these activities in four key areas related to climate and clean energy.  Each section contains a summary of the primary directives and drivers for action, as well as the PUC’s actions and decisions.  The information is intended to provide a broad overview of the legislative work streams at the PUC, with hyperlinks to additional resources to provide an opportunity for a deeper and more thorough understanding of these activities and their current status.

It is important to note that this Climate and Clean Energy Agenda covers only a portion of the PUC’s work, and is not intended to capture the breadth of the agency’s regulatory role and functions.  Please visit the "About Us" section of our website resources on our mission and scope of responsibility.  

Utility Planning and Programs

Wildfire Prevention and Mitigation

Transportation Electrification

Equity and Impacted Communities

Legislative Resources

2022 Legislative Summary

2021 Legislative Summary

Legislative & Media Packet

HB 2021 (2021) – Clean Energy

HB 2475  (2021) – Differential Energy Burden/Intervenor Funding
HB 3141 (2021) – Public Purpose Charge
HB 2165/HB 3055 (2021) – Transportation Electrification/Transportation
SB 762 (2021) – Wildfire Prevention and Mitigation