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Intervenor Funding

Funding for Participation at the PUC

About Funding

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) is responsible for ensuring Oregon utility customers have access to safe, reliable and high-quality utility services at just and reasonable rates.

There are two types of funding available to advocates participating in processes, such as this docket, at the Commission; Justice Funding and Intervenor Funding.

Justice Funding 

Justice Funding is available to groups representing environmental justice communities, and groups representing the interests of low-income customers. The Commission approved an agreement between Justice advocates and utilities to implement this type of funding in Docket UM 2211. You may find the agreement in Order No. 23-033.
The Commission has also implemented rules pursuant to the above agreement. See OAR 860-001-800 through 860-001-0900.

There are two types of funding available under the Justice Funding opportunity. The first is Case funding, which is requested on a docket-by-docket basis. This means that a group may ask for funding as they start to participate in a single docket. Up to 50 percent of this funding is available up-front. 

Case funding requests begin by filing a notice of intent. To speed the process, you may submit a notice of intent with a proposed budget. A template for the notice of intent and budget is available for your convenience. A version of the template with explanatory notes is also available

The second is Pre-Certification grant funding. This is a broader type of funding and is available to groups to participate in a variety of dockets. Essentially, this funding can operate as a multi-subject grant for activity at the PUC, and groups can request that all funding be provided up front. Groups request this type of funding one time per year, with the PUC approving funding for up to five requests per year for this more flexible type of funding. Pre-certification funding for 2023 has closed. Applications for 2024 funding may be submitted to Docket UM 2276 before November of this year.

The Intervenor Funding Summary spreadsheet provides fund distribution details to date. On the spreadsheet, current funding levels are located under the “Justice Funding” tab under the section labeled “Case Fund”.

Intervenor Funding 

Intervenor funding is available to ensure that those qualified organizations who represent distinct classes of utility customers have the financial resources to participate in the PUC’s proceedings. The PUC must approve any agreement before financial assistance can be provided. See OAR 860-001-0120 and 860-001-0130 for qualification information.

View the specific intervenor funding agreements below:

The Intervenor Funding Summary provides fund distribution details to date.

For questions, please contact Chief Administrative Law Judge Nolan Moser at 503-689-3622 or at