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Rules and Laws

Rules & Lawsjars with tags for each utility type

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) exists because of and operates according to laws made by the Oregon Legislature. These laws provide the framework for the PUC’s regulatory authority and certain programs which we are charged with administering. The PUC’s Administrative Rules further explain or implement the laws. The PUC has the authority to adopt, amend, repeal, or renumber rules.

Learn more about the PUC’s authority and operations in the links provided below.

Internal Operating Guidelines

Review the Internal Operating Guidelines to better understand how the PUC operates.



Access to the PUC’s Oregon Administrative Rules are on one page for your convenience. To better understand what each division within the rules governs, view the detailed list below.
Practice Before the Commission
Divisions: 001, 011
Divisions: 016, 032, 033, 034, 100

Broadband Providers
Division: 200

Energy Utilities (Electricity and Natural Gas) and Large Telecommunication Utilities
Divisions: 021, 022, 023, 025, 026, 027

Safety for Electric and Natural Gas
Divisions: 024, 028, 031

Electricity and Gas
Divisions: 030, 085, 086

Divisions: 029, 038, 039, 082, 083
Water and Waste Water Utilities
Divisions: 036, 037

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