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Formal Proceedings

Who Participates in Formal Proceedings

Participants in formal proceedings include Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) Staff and designated stakeholders such as the Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board (representing residential customers), the Alliance of Western Energy Consumers (representing industrial customers), and various organizations representing the interests of environmental groups, cities, counties, municipalities, and other businesses. Most participants are represented by legal counsel. 

If you are a utility customer or member of the public, learn more about how you can participate in PUC dockets and meetings.

Parties to a Docket

“Parties,” defined as formal participants in a docketed case, have the rights to present testimony, cross-examine, file briefs, and request judicial review of Commission orders. The PUC also establishes parties in other docketed cases in which a nondisclosure agreement governs the use and disclosure of protected information. Out-of-state counsel must file pro hac vice motions.

Additionally, parties may be asked to participate in Regular Public Meetings to provide information on a select topic or docket. In this instance, parties may participate in-person or by phone if needed.

Participate in a Docket

To participate as a party in a contested case or an investigation where protected information is considered, file a petition to intervene. If approved, you can make filings and pleadings and participate in events listed in the docket’s schedule.

It is uncommon for an individual residential utility customer to be granted a petition to intervene because the Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board is designated by law to represent you in PUC proceedings. (See ORS 774.020-774.030, and 774.180).
Be sure to review PUC’s Administrative Rules (Division 1) to better understand how to participate in dockets.

If you are an out-of-state attorney, you may register to appear pro hac vice in order to make legal arguments or sign legal documents in PUC proceedings.

Monitor PUC Dockets

To stay informed on the various PUC dockets, search the eDocket system to view or download filings, rulings, orders and other documentation and schedules. You can also view trending dockets, which are typically higher-profile cases of interest due to the subject matter.

Receive Docket Update Notifications

1. Ask to be added to an industry notification list for all new dockets to stay informed. Please specify which industry list(s) you wish to be added to: electric, natural gas, telecommunications, and/or water.

2. Ask to be added to a service list for a specific docket. You will then receive emails when new documents have been added to that docket or there is a change to the schedule.

Submit your request to: