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Demand Response

About Demand Response

Demand response (DR) programs allow customers to help utilities manage peak electric demand and lower system customer costs. By participating in DR programs and pilots, customers shift or reduce their electricity usage at certain times of the day, generally when a utility’s electric demands are peaking. Participation in demand response programs and pilots are triggered by economic incentives, price signals, direct communications, or other conditions. Effective demand response programs provide various economic and environmental benefits, including:
  • Avoiding construction of new power plants;
  • Avoiding purchases of high-priced energy;
  • Enhancing grid reliability, which helps prevent blackouts; and,
  • Reducing power use from fossil fuels used to meet peak demand.
Currently, DR programs and pilots are becoming more wide-spread across two of Oregon’s three investor-owned utilities. Idaho Power has the most mature demand response programs covering all of their customers. Portland General Electric (PGE) and PacifiCorp have several demand response programs and pilots for their customers.

Demand Response Provided by Utilities

There is a portfolio of DR programs offered by Idaho Power, PacifiCorp, and PGE that can suit different customers’ needs. The program details will differ from utility to utility. View below for more information on specific utility program offerings for each customer type:

Idaho Power

Pacific Power

  • Residential Customers
  • Business Customers
  • Agriculture Customers

Portland General Electric

  • Water Heater Pilot (Single- and Multi-Family)
  • Direct Load Control Pilot
    Residential Pricing Pilot

  • Direct Load Control Pilot
  • Demand Response Pilot
  • Firm Load Reduction
DR programs offered by utilities can differ from one another in several ways, such as compensation structure, event lengths and notification, availability, and reason for dispatch. These differences make certain programs a better fit for the various customers. For this reason, it is important to familiarize yourself with demand response before enrolling.

Relevant PUC Dockets

UM 1708 - PGE Residential DR Pricing and DLC Pilots
UM 1514 - PGE Non-Residential DR Pricing and DLC Pilots
UM 1827 - PGE DR Residential Multifamily Water Heater Pilot
UE 342 - Pacific Power DR Irrigation Time-of-Use Pilot