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OUSF Advisory Board

About the OUSF Advisory Board

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) established the OUSF Advisory Board to ensure telecommunications carriers have a voice on how the OUSF is administered without the responsibility of the day-to-day management of the fund. 

The 10-member board represents the following: 

  • Incumbent telecommunications service providers (3 members)
  • Competitive telecommunications service providers (3 members)
  • Radio common carriers (1 member)
  • Consumer group representing residential customers (1 member)
  • Business customer (1 member)
  • PUC staff (1 member) 

Advisory Board Responsiblities

  • Assists and advises the PUC on the selection of the OUSF Administrator
  • Advises on the effective operation of the fund
  • Reviews OUSF budgets, contribution rate proposals, and various operating reports
  • Helps identify irregularities in OUSF worksheets
  • Acts as a liaison between the OUSF Administrator and the telecommunications service providers to resolve disputes and recommend action
  • Helps evaluate the success of the OUSF program

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