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Become a Certificated Telecom Service Provider

Certificate of Authority

Oregon law requires any carrier providing intrastate telecommunications service in Oregon to have a certificate of authority from the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC). This helps ensure access to reliable telecommunications services for all Oregonians through the PUC’s oversight of certificated service providers. For certification purposes, there are two types of carriers:
  1. Competitive providers, which are classified under ORS 759.020, may offer local exchange service and/or interexchange service on a for-hire basis statewide or in designated areas.
  2. Telecommunication utilities, which includes cooperatives, are required to provide local exchange service in exclusively allocated territories.


Certificated Providers in Oregon


How to Obtain a Certificate of Authority

File a completed Application for Certificate of Authority to Provide Telecommunications in Oregon. New applications submitted to the PUC are distributed bi-weekly to existing certificated providers for a required 20-day review period. Assuming no protests, the PUC issues an order granting authority to the provider.

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