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Local Government Resources

Local Government Resources

Oregon Treasury helps governments across the state, including schools and cities and counties, to stretch taxpayer dollars and keep public funds safe.

Between the time that revenue is received and when the money is needed to pay expenses, governments can deposit money and earn a rate of return, using the Treasury-managed Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP).

The LGIP is an open-ended, no-load diversified portfolio made up of short-term fixed income securities, and offered to eligible participants. Those include any municipality, political subdivision or public corporation of this state that by law is made the custodian of, or has control of, any public funds. Sovereign Tribes are eligible to participate.

The pool is commingled with state funds in the Oregon Short Term Fund. 

Current rate: The rate paid for deposits is determined by the current yield earned on investments held in the fund combined with current market conditions for U.S. dollar–denominated high-quality, short-term fixed income securities. Under Oregon Investment Council policy, the fund does not have any exposure to stocks or equity markets. See the current rate here.

Secure account access: Treasury has hired PFM Asset Management LLC to provide administrative and operational support - including a web-based account management system called EON.

Audit Confirmation Requests

Auditors needing confirmation of account balances must make requests in writing to PFM Client Services. Requests must include or be accompanied by a release signed by a participant’s authorized contact (the contact must be registered in the records of the pool and have permission to view/access pool account information). Requests/releases can be submitted through EON, faxed to (888) 535-0120, or mailed to:

Oregon LGIP
PO Box 11760
Harrisburg, PA  17108-1760

For help with submitting an audit confirmation request, contact PFM Client Services.




Payment Instructions



For Information on:

  • EON Access
  • Transactions
  • Reporting
  • Account/User
  • Audit Confirmation Requests
  • Eligibility


PFM Client Services
7:00am - 4:00pm Pacific
(855) OST-LGIP

For Information on:

  • Investment Management
  • Statutory Requirements
  • Service Provider Issues
  • General Program Inquiries


(800) 452-0345

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