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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

At Oregon State Treasury, we know that financial empowerment helps lead to financial confidence. To help, we’ve gathered some resources about saving money and protecting your finances.

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Fincancial Tools For the Covid Crisis

  • The state has assembled information about financial protection programs and also important health and safety resources.
  • The Oregon Department of Justice runs the Scam Alert Network and has a hotline to prevent price gouging.

Keep Your Money Safe

  • Don’t have a bank or credit union account? Avoid the costs of payday lending and check cashing fees by getting an account with the help of Bank On Oregon.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has resources to empower consumers to take more control over their economic lives.
  • Get help with insurance and financial products, and file complaints online, through the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.
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Learn From Oregon Experts

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Save For Retirement

  • OregonSaves offers a convenient retirement savings option for people who don’t have one at work. Work hard. Save easy.
  • OregonSaves accounts belong to the saver, are portable and can be taken job-to-job, and there is no legal or fiduciary risk for employers.
  • Anybody can open an account, even if you don’t save at work. Also, the money you set aside in OregonSaves is yours and can be used as emergency savings.

Save For Disability-Related Expenses

  • With the Oregon ABLE Savings Plan, Oregonians with disabilities and their caregivers can save without jeopardizing programs like SSI.
  • Oregon ABLE accounts offer prepaid debit cards, which make it easy to budget and access an account while shopping.
  • If you're disabled or care for a person with disabilities (onset before age 26), you can get started with just $25. People living outside Oregon can participate in our ABLE for All program.

Plan For Career Prep or College Costs

  • The Oregon College Savings Plan allows anyone in Oregon to save and invest tax-free for their own or somebody else’s education costs, like tuition, rent, and even computers.
  • Savers can get as much as $150 back ($300 for joint filers) from Oregon on your taxes. You can open an account with as little as $25.
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Find Your Unclaimed Property

  • Oregon State Treasury invests money from unclaimed assets – like uncashed paychecks, tax refunds, and utility refunds – until it is claimed by its rightful owner.
  • You can search online to see if any of it belongs to you. You can also check out other states where you’ve lived.
  • Simple claims are processed quickly; more complex claims can take longer.

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