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Position Management
Reclassifying a Position
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A reclassification occurs when the duties of a position are not in alignment with the current classification. Incorrect classification may occur because of new duties assigned to the position or the gradual addition of duties. 
Reclassification ensures a position is properly classified and the incumbent receives pay within the appropriate salary range. Reclassification is not used for rewarding employees through increased compensation.
For guidelines on classification procedures, including writing a classification analysis, go to the Classification Guide.
Selecting the proper classification begins with an accurate, updated position description. Ensure the duties are clear. If there is confusion over duties, the supervisor or Human Resources (HR) clarifies duties with the employee or conducts a desk audit with the employee. HR reviews the position description to ensure it is complete and FLSA, service-type designation, appropriate representation code and essential functions are accurate.
If the position’s representation code needs to change, contact DAS Human Resource Management Consultation for guidance.  If the position is moving from represented to management service or to a different bargaining unit, contact the DAS Labor Relations Unit (LRU).  LRU notifies the union of the change. If the position is vacant, moving the position from represented to unrepresented or management does not require union consent.
An agency must seek permission from the DAS HR Administrator to move a position into or out of the unclassified executive service.
After reviewing the position description, Human Resources conducts a classification analysis. Procedures for conducting a classification analysis are contained in the “Classification Guide” referenced above.  It is useful to send a draft of the analysis to DAS Classification and Compensation for pre-review. Classification and Compensation will give guidance for completing the final draft.
After completing the position description analysis, HR works with the agency or DAS budget analyst to put together a budget package. 
Submit the reclassification request to DAS Classification and Compensation for final approval. The reclassification request includes the position description, the classification analysis and the budget package.
Depending on the result of the reclassification request, the position may change.  As such, an incumbent in the position may be affected. State HR Policy 30.005.01 Effect of Position Change on Incumbents provides specific steps or timelines to follow for reclassification of management, unclassified and unrepresented employees. For steps or timelines to follow for represented employees, consult the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
If the position is at a higher classification, work with the agency or DAS budget analyst to prepare the reclassification to take to the legislature. Gaining approval through the legislature requires timing in a biennium and coordination with agency budget requests.
Compensation for management, unclassified and unrepresented employees whose positions are reclassified is addressed in State HR Policy 20.005.10 Pay Practices and in State HR Policy 30.005.01 Effect of Position Classification Change on Incumbents. An applicable CBA addresses compensation for represented employees.
The above referenced Classification Guide contains procedures for writing a classification analysis. 
Budget Package for Classification Changes
Elements of a complete budget package include:
  1. A cover memo justifying reclassification
  2. A permanent finance plan
  3. A classification analysis for each position in the package
  4. A position description and organization chart for each position in the package (Position description must be signed by the appointing authority)

Responsible Party
Supervisor and Human Resources
Write a position description
Human Resources
Classify the position description and write the classification analysis
Human Resources on behalf of the agency head
Write a justification for the reclassification
Fiscal officer or budget analyst
Put together a permanent finance plan
Human Resources or fiscal officer or budget analyst
Follow up with DAS Budget and Management to ensure completion of the package