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Ergonomics - Administrative Restrictions
Administrative Restrictions on Office Furniture and Chair Purchases: Clarification of Ergonomic Assessment Requirement - January 2005
New furniture other than an Adjustable Task Chairs.
The current administrative restrictions require that, prior to the purchase of new furniture (other than an Adjustable Task Chair), agencies must first determine whether suitable furniture is available through DAS-Surplus Property. Purchases of system furniture must be approved by a DAS Facilities Division space planner. State agencies are encouraged to purchase furniture offered by Oregon Correctional Enterprises when purchasing new furniture. 
Adjustable Task (Ergonomic) Chairs.
Adjustable Task Chairs must be purchased through the statewide price agreement or DAS-Surplus Property and supported by an ergonomic (Chair Fitting) assessment. 
  • Ergonomic (Chair Fitting) assessments are required in order to purchase a new adjustable (ergonomic) task chair.
    • chair fitting assessment (pdf) means documenting the key measures to select a correctly sized chair for that worker. These measures include: knee height; popliteal length, lumbar height; seat pan width; and, pneumatic cylinder support (standard cylinder spec’d up to 250 pounds of body weight.)
  • All new employees should have these key measures documented.
    • Check for a suitable chair that may not currently be in use that may fit this employee.
    • If none is available, then proceed with the purchase of a new chair using the statewide price agreement.
    • After the employee has a properly fitting chair, be sure to complete the ergonomic assessment (adjusting the chair to support dynamic work posture, setting work surface heights, selecting peripherals, work station layout etc.)
  • Ergonomic (Chair Fitting) assessments are not necessary for repair of broken chairs.
    • Check the tab on the underside of the chair seat to determine if the chair is still under warrantee.
  • When a chair cannot be repaired and must be replaced, existing ergonomic (chair fitting) assessment information can be used.
    • Check with the employee to assure there has not been a change in physical condition (such as a change in body weight) since the last assessment.
An ergonomic assessment is not required to support the purchase of:
  • Furniture other than chairs
  • Side chairs or tables
  • Conference room furnishings
  • Non-systems file cabinets, book shelves, etc.
The statewide Office Ergo Project integrates readily with the Governor’s Administrative Restrictions on ergonomic furniture purchases. Under the framework of the Office Ergo Project, agencies are able to fit the work station and task chair to the specific measurements of each employee. Chairs and work surfaces on state price agreement are specified to have adjustability ranges that meet the needs of most employees. Exceptions for purchases off price agreement may be requested through the Department of Administrative Services – State Procurement Office.