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RisKey Guidelines Index
Alcohol Policy - Questions & Answers. The state Alcohol Risk Control Policy requires agencies to control the risks of alcohol on state property and in state activities.

Automatic External Defibrillators (pdf). Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) are used for sudden heart attacks.  They are small, portable machines that can shock a human heart back to life.  Should state agencies include AED in their First Aid supplies?  The purpose of the this RisKey is to provide a framework for agencies to use in making this decision.

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Big Chill - Summer is over, Fall is here (pdf). Preventive maintenance will reduce or prevent costly losses. Use this checklist we have accumulated over the years.
Crime Prevention (pdf). Crime prevention efforts reduce and deter crime. They save agencies money and keep state property from damage or harm. Crimes happen anywhere; at work, home, shopping malls and parking lots. Crime events cost the state money. Preventing crime protects state assets and saves agency's funds.

Driving on State Business - A Guide to Frequently Asked Questions. Questions on driving on state business and the use of state vehicles are some of the most frequent calls that come into the Risk Management Division. We´ve complied these questions to help you understand the state´s policy that, when on state business, you must drive legally, safely and courteously.

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Early Return To Work Of Employees - Job Related Illness Or Injury (doc). A key to managing risks by developing your agency´s early return to work plan.

Employee Dishonesty. This RisKey is provided to all state managers as a guide to handle acts of dishonesty, and to help you correct areas of risk before the dishonesty occurs.

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No RisKey's in this section.

No RisKey's in this section. 

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Managing Fitness in Your Work Space. This RisKey will show you how to plan around the risks involved with varied formal fitness activities now encouraged by employers.

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Preventing the Infection and Spread of E-Coli and Other Disease.  Germs such as bacteria and viruses are everywhere.  Zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be transmitted between humans and animals.  Many state employees and volunteers work in or around animals or livestock.  Preventing the infection and spread of e-coli or other types of diseases that come from germs is really very easy through good personal hygiene and safe work practices.

Road to Recoveries - A Guide to Managing Losses Below the State Property Deductible. This RisKey can help you identify and establish program components for managing agency property losses below the state property deductible level.  If a third party caused that loss, it is your agency´s responsibility to pursue recovery.

Sound the Alarm: A RisKey or Guide to preparing State Government Offices for Emergencies (pdf). 90 pages.

Tele-Work: A RisKey or Guide to Managing Tele-Commuting.  Tele-commuting is a new arrangement involving work away from the central work site. This RisKey will show you how to manage it right.

Use of State Premises by Others. This RisKey applies to agencies that permit others (non-state entities) to use premises they own or control.

Volunteer Programs - Risk Control Planning.  Agencies who use volunteers without a management plan and program may face unexpected costs, such as injuries to volunteers or liability claims or suits caused by volunteers. Unexpected costs can be far more than the cost of good management.

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West Nile Virus - A Little Bite of Prevention. The purpose of this RisKey is to provide you with some prevention methods that you can use to avoid a mosquito bite. With the mosquito being a known transmitter of West Nile Virus, prevention is the best opportunity to avoid any potential exposure to the disease.

Don't see the RisKey you want?
If the RisKey you are interested in is not listed, please contact Risk Management at 503-373-7475 or Risk.Management@State.or.us to ask what the status is of the RisKey. Some older RisKey's are currently in the process of being reviewed and updated. New versions of the RisKey's will be listed as they are completed.