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Waiver FAQs for Providers

Waiver Questions and Answers

Q: What is the skills test waiver?

A: Beginning January 2014, DMV will waive the skills test for any student who has been issued the new plastic student completion certificate.

Q: How does an approved program qualify?

A: ODOT-TSD provided guidelines for the final drive route the final skill assessment, and the worksheet narrative that briefly identifies maneuvers that meet DMV’s minimum requirements.. Once you are confident your route and skill assessment meets all of the requirements as described, send them, along with the worksheet narrative, to mary.b.deferrari@odot.state.or.us or william.a.warner@odot.state.or.us for review and approval. Your electronic copy will be kept on file and used to verify compliance. Your program will be issued the new student completion certificates only if the final route and assessment form have been approved.

Q: How do we obtain the new student completion certificates that qualify for the skills test waiver?

A: First, you need to have your final route and skill assessment form approved by ODOT-TSD. Then, order your student completion certificates as you always do:

• Enter the student and anticipated completion date into the SDES system within the first two weeks of the course, and then
• Contact William Warner or Mary DeFerrari of ODOT-TSD by phone at 503.986.4413 or email ODOTDEMail@odot.state.or.us. Be sure to include a list of the newly added students since there may be others from previous courses still in the SDES system.

Both steps are needed to generate your student completion certificates.

Q: Our course began in December 2013. We ordered our student completion certificates within the first two weeks of class, as required, but our students will complete the course after the first of the year. Our final route and drive assessment have just been approved by ODOT and we would like our students to receive the drive test waiver. How do we replace the paper certificates that were issued to us with the new plastic student completion certificates?

A: Contact William Warner or Mary DeFerrari at ODOT-TSD to request replacements at 503.986.4413 or ODOTDEMail@odot.state.or.us.

Q: Our school and teachers don’t want to take on this added responsibility. How do we opt out?

A: All approved providers are required to participate. Any program not wishing to participate will be removed from the approved provider list. The attrition schedule is posted at the end of this document.

Q: What if we need help with our final route or final assessment form?

A: Lead trainers are available to help; contact Western Oregon University at 503.838.8042.

Q: What if our program decides to alter the route or the final assessment form after the initial approval?

A: Any alteration must be approved by ODOT-TSD prior to implementation.

Q. Our school has more than one final drive route. Which route do we submit for approval?

A. Schools may have and use as many final drive routes as they wish. However, each final drive route must be approved before it can be used to waive the skills test. A school will not be considered approved until every final drive route is approved. Future documentation may be required for those schools that use more than one final approved route to make sure that use did not precede authorization.

Q. This is too overwhelming for me. What can I do?

A. State trainers are available at no cost to the provider. They can come in and help modify your final drive to make it match the new format (See WOU phone number above).

Q: Can the final route be longer than just the minimum required maneuvers? Our final drive takes an hour and we do a lot more than the minimum.

A: Yes. In fact, you can make your route as long or as short as you wish, as long as the minimum required maneuvers are in place. It is important to have a complete route that starts and ends at a specified location.

Q: We have a lot of turns and other activities on the route that we need to make the route “work.” Do we have to have an itemized checkbox for each maneuver?

A: No. You may place a direction in your route as a “Not scored” direction. This will help make you route flow better and not overwhelm the instructor who is assessing the student. Just remember to meet the minimum number of required maneuvers.

Q: I am worried the print is too small on the assessment sheet and our instructors won’t be able to read it while on the assessment. Can we make it bigger?

A: Yes, you may make the font as large as you think it needs to be. However, your instructors should be instructed to familiarize themselves with the route in advance and to only bring the assessment into “view” when they need to make a mark or comment. An instructor’s eye belong on the road, and the student.

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