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Driver Education Program Information

Program Introduction


Oregon’s Approved Driver Education Program
helps teens between the ages of 15-17 learn life-long habits and skills that have been proven to reduce driver risk. Schools that meet approved program requirements (approved curriculum; trained, qualified teachers; etc.) are reimbursed up to $210 per student as a means to reduce the overall cost to parents.
Driver Education: Coordinates efforts to improve driver education thereby reducing fatal and injury crashes in first time drivers through:
  • Coordination of Driver Education course content;
  • Certification of public and private driver education providers;
  • Public information, education programs and resources;
  • Oversight of student driver training fund for public school reimbursement;
  • Coordination of train-the-trainer curriculum development.
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Why Drive with Ed.com

The 2012 Parent Campaign for the “35-50 year parent with pre-licensed children” demographic.  
This campaign is targeted at parents of teens 13-15 years of age.  This is an effort to help the parent identify what driver education is and how it has changed, especially in the last 15 years.  It is billboard driven with additional internet ads that send parents to WhyDriveWithEd for an internet slideshow that confronts stereotypes and incorrect assumptions about how novice drivers should learn to drive. 
The 16 slide slideshow introduces: 
  • Ed” the new iconic symbol for the ODOT-Approved Driver Education Program.  This Dilbert-style character represents a cool and fashionably “edgy” instructor, who should appeal to the demographic age group.  Any similarity to driver education program manager, William Warner, is purely  coincidental.
  • Preconceptions that parents may hold about how their children should approach the driving task.  While the slideshow does not provide “answers” it does raise issues and questions that should invoke parent engagement at least conceptually in the value of driver education for their teen.
  • Current statistical information is given throughout the slideshow by Ed who “pops up” on certain slides with additional information and insight.
  • A not-so-subtle theme of “moving toward independence from parent” is implied throughout the entire slideshow; a selling point for the “taxi-cab” parent.  However, there are strong sub-themes that it is correctly developed independence that is the goal and not just freedom from parents.
  • A map of all of the ODOT-Approved Driver Education Providers in the state.  At the end of the slideshow, opportunity is given for the parent to “click to find an Approved Provider near you.”
In addition to the parent campaign, “Ed” will become part of the new icon for an “ODOT-Approved” program.  No school will be able to use “Ed” unless they are a recognized approved provider with ODOT-TSD.
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Check out the Impact Teen Driving website for teen-approved activities, fact sheets and downloadable Impact Teen Drivers
Oregon DMV has a nice teen driving page with information about getting a permit/license, driver education, Oregon driving laws, forms and more.  Oregon DMV Teen Licensing 
ODTSEA (The Oregon Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association) is an organization that supports the driver education objectives and strategies as outlined in the Oregon Administrative Rule.  ODTSEA 
Please visit the Ride Like a Friend webpage to learn how you can support teens in conducting RLAF, a peer-to-peer school-based campaign that encourages safe teen driver and passenger behavior. RLAF is customizable for each school so student leaders can make it their own, with support from their club advisor.  An RLAF campaign is designed to run three to five days and can be held any time during the school year. An ideal time is during National Teen Driver Safety Week.  Ride Like a Friend 
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