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Examination Retake Requirements
Effective May 5, 2011
OHLA Touch-Screen Computer Examination Room
The Board of Cosmetology adopted written examination retake requirements in Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 817-030-0065 effective May 5, 2011.

Waiting Periods Required

The chart below describes waiting periods and other requirements for applicants who fail any section(s) of the state written examination.

Examination Attempts

All cosmetology examinations (except Natural Hair Care; see below) waiting periods and additional training:
After First Failed Attempt
Required to wait seven calendar days before second attempt
Afte Second Failed Attempt
Required to wait seven calendar days before third attempt
After Third and Sixth Failed Attempts
Required to:

  • Wait 30 calendar days before taking fourth and/or seventh attempt

  • Prior to fourth and/or seventh attempts, submit Certification of Additional Training certificate from an Oregon educational institution to Health Licensing Office (HLO)

  • Repply and pay application processing fee
After Fourth and Fifth Failed Attempts
Required to wait seven calendar days before retaking examination
After Seventh Failed Attempt
To be determined by the HLO and Board of Cosmetology
Natural Hair Care Retake Requirements
Examination Attempts

What Applicant Does Next
First and Second Failed Attempts
May be taken the same day
Third and all Subsequent Failed Attempts
Required to wait seven calendar days before next attempt

Click here to print a PDF file of the examination retake chart above.

Why Retake Requirements?
The requirements:
  • Retain Examination Integrity, Security, Validity and Reliability – Applicants are not able to take the examination multiple times in quick succession, reducing the potential for them to answer questions based on the process of elimination, etc.

  • Keep Benefits of Same-Day Licensing – The requirement helps to retain same-day licensing benefits for applicants who take and pass examination sections on the first attempt.  Same-day licensing means you can receive your certificate(s) to practice the same day if you pass the examination sections you have taken.

  • Ensure Competency to Protect Health and Safety – The requirement helps to ensure that applicants are competent enough to practice to protect the health and safety of the public.

  • Allow Applicants Time to Prepare for Retakes – Waiting periods have been established to allow applicants to better prepare for retaking the examination, including completion of required recertification of training (see below) after the third and sixth successive failed attempts.

Recertification of Training
Student at a Oregon licensed career school
Applicants who fail any section(s) of the state written examination three and six successive times must return to an Oregon educational institution to complete required recertification of training before retaking the examination.
This requirement is specified in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 817-030-0045(3) and applies to individuals applying for certification in one or more fields of practice of cosmetology.
What is recertification of training?
Recertification of training is a required “refresher course” of instruction designed to bring an applicant’s knowledge and skills up to date.  The goal is to ensure applicants gain the necessary knowledge of the subject matter required to practice one or more fields of practice of cosmetology.
Where is recertification of training required to be conducted and completed?
Applicants must complete recertification of training at any Oregon educational institution.
When are applicants who complete recertification of training eligible to retake the examination section(s) they failed?
When the Oregon educational institution from which they received additional training for recertification submits a “Certificate of Additional Training Transcript” to the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA).
Applicants must also wait 30 calendar days before retaking the examination. 
Contact HLO at 503-378-8667 or via e-mail hlo.info@state.or.us if you have any questions.